Interesting Tactics in MD

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    Feb 19, 2018
    For all my Md folks, let me know if you seen this happen before.

    I was on the Baltimore Washington parkway this morning heading up to Baltimore. I was coming up on an over pass when I saw a cop standing on the overpass looking down onto the 2 lane parkway. I did not see him hold anything. I though to myself this is interesting because this is the first time I ever seen a cop just stand up there. So a few miles down the road I see 3 United States park police with 3 cars pulled over. I was in my truck at the time which does not have dash cameras so I was not able to capture anything.

    Does anyone know if United States park police are allowed to run Laser? I do know they run KA on suitland parkway.

    Circled in red is where he was standing on the overpass. Screenshot 2018-09-15 12.14.25.png