Late to the party: A short-term review of the original NetRadar


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2 weeks ago I picked up a new but grey market NetRadar and RG3 off ebay to add to my ALP system and try out the radar integration.

Installation was easy, the RG3 has a "piggyback" power cord that you connect inline with the ALP control box's power (or optionally direct wiring or a 12v cigarette adaptor), and an RJ45 cable that plugs into the add-on port on the control box. The NetRadar antenna has a twistlock connector like the ALP heads which makes replacing cables/antennas easy. The NetRadar antenna itself is reasonably sized and easy to mount.

Setup was also easy with the bluetooth module. Run the ALPConnect app on your phone, run the online configuration modifier, download the config and you're ready to go. I did spend some time reading up on the various radar settings, but none of them were confusing. I ended up configuring mine for K/KA,-band, K-band filter on, K-band segments K3/4/5, Ka-band segments N2/5/6/8, Highway mode, radar mute below 31MPH.

Range has been fine, on par with a Max360 on Ka 33.8 and better on K-band and off-axis 34.7 that the Max360 didn't even detect. Ka 35.5 range was significantly behind my Uniden R3, but still plenty of range for a save. Where I live the terrain is more often than not the limiting factor of how soon you pickup a radar signal, so even if you have an R3 you're still not going to get multi-mile detections.

BSM filtering on the other hand is showing it's age. It might have been great in 2016 when first released, but by today's standards it's a relatively noisy detector, at least in the front (maybe it's better when in the rear?). The Max360 and R3 in Highway mode are noticeably quieter to BSM systems than the original NetRadar.

Speed based muting and GPS lockouts work well with the app, and the "teach suppress" feature is an easy way to lockout all the stationary falses on roads you commonly drive. It's not as good as auto-learning GPS lockouts, but until those patents expire this is a nice alternative to having to manually lockout or suppress those stationary falses.

The app works well too, I haven't had any connection issues, as soon as my car is on it immediately automatically connects and anytime there's been an alert ALPConnect immediately came to the foreground where I could mute/suppress/turn off defense mode. My only complaint is due to the number of BSM falses I've had, I'm frequently having to touch the phone to switch back to Waze. I'm not sure if it's possible to background an app and return to the previous app on Android, but it would be a nice feature. Phone audio alerts are LOUD AND CLEAR, I had to turn the volume way down, even on the highway where there's more external noise.

Overall the original NetRadar works and integrates well with the ALP, but I won't be running this as a front antenna due to the lacking BSM filtering compared to 2018 radar detectors. Maybe once the auto-lockout patents expire next year ALP can natively provide that feature and I'll consider adding a NetRadar DSP to the front and move the original to the rear for arrows, as the NetRadar DSP is said to be comparable to the Uniden R3 and "box muting" is being developed for it to help further filter things like Acura/Honda BSM ranges (24.196+) out.


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Sep 16, 2016
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I run the NRDSP/NR combo and its a great combo... With the NR in the rear, the BSM isnt an issue as much, but in my area even on the highway I run a city profile. (There is a recent thread about NR settings). I've tried highway mode on longer trips and even though it is doable, I feel I need to filter the k somewhat for passenger comfort ;)

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