iOS Version [Beta] Uploaded - New Chart


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Nov 1, 2014
Feature - New Chart mode. You can now view your data chronologically on the chart. Just Tap the Chart and the X-Axis will toggle between Frequency and Date. All the other filters (Band, Pin Type, Date Range and Map) still apply to either view. Don't forget you and pinch zoom and pan as well.

Enhanced - I updated a 3rd party library that provides Tips. They should be placed a little better. Still not perfect though.

Enhanced - Added more layouts to the Map View (there are now 12). Toggle through them by double clicking the Count of pins at the top. Basically there are 4 layouts for the Chart, Map and Chart + Map. The 4 Layouts are All Pickers, No Pickers, Date Pickers (Top) and Data Pickers (Bottom).

Simple example. All I did was tap on the chart to get from the View on the Left to the View on the right.
Note: That the Chart is being Filtered down to just the 67 Pins in the Map View.

Left Chart shows 40 K, 1 X, 2 Ka 33.6, 20 Ka 35.5
Right Chart shows 3 pins in Oct 2016 and 18 pins in Jun 2018 etc. Like always, you can filter these down by Band or Ka SubBand to dig further (Data pickers not shown in this Layout).