Heywood’s Sept 3 tests.

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    I have run this course with the Radenso's, but not to the detail as the R3 and R-EX. Another member here asked me to run these 2 detectors to see if I was seeing the same thing he was.

    I was also working on something else with the R3 and R-Ex for him, so that's why your seeing mostly these 2 and no Radenso tests.

    I do plan on running both the Radenso's through this in more detail when time permits. The days are getting shorter being this far north, and I'll be going back on nightshift at work shortly, so it might be a bit till I'll have the time to get away and do a decent documented runs.
    I'd prefer to test everything on the same day and as close to each other time wise so the results are better.

    I just upgraded to 1.12 tonight. I haven't formally tested it out, but did run it a bit while I was out this evening. Once I get back to some normal hours, I plan on testing it again.
    I ran the R-Ex's K band setting "on". The R3's K band setting was wide. TSF was off on both RD's.

    I knew I was going to shoot the Falcon HR, so I wanted to make sure they were scanning the whole K frequency. I was interested to see if there was any change or variance in the Falcons frequency signature at a distance. A blip might be a better way to explain it.

    On the Ka test, I left both Segmented 2/5/8. No Ka filters. X band was disabled on both. I wanted it as even as I could.

    I didn't show the Segmented portion. I know that the Stalker pretty much shoot religiously 34.723. Out of fairness of the test, I wanted them even.

    The R-Ex offers K band segmentation. The R3 doesn't, so in fairness, I left K band on for the Ex and wide for the R3. If you turn K off on the R-Ex, it offers K band segmentation.

    Settings I like? Pretty much the same as everyone else runs. It's a little different up here. There is no out dated equipment. The Leo's are pretty much equipped with the latest and greatest. Everything is pretty much calibrated and checked. The chances of running into a out of tuned gun are pretty slim. Even our garage door openers are limited to only transmit for 2 seconds by Canadian law.
    The R-Ex.AutonoX K on, Ka seg'd 2/5/8. No filters No TSF, MRCD on
    The R3. Advanced, X off, K100%,Ka 100%,Ka seg'd 2/5/8 No TSF No Filters

    I work a little backwards. I'm trying to trip the RD's up and work back to see the edge that makes them stop.

    Be pretty hard to test unless you do it like you've mentioned. Different manufactures shoot their BSM at different levels, different angles. I would have to agree, if it's picking up more than1 K band signal, it could be an issue. It would have to be a perfect storm.
    I do have more experience with the Radenso's, and they do have much better filtering, so when I do get a K band alert, I pay more attention to it since it doesn't really false to BSM signals.
    The best way to not have that issue is for the R3 and R-Ex to be able to filter out the BSM false's in the first place like the Radenso's. Does it effect the reactivity? Possibly, but it's better than having to analyze each signal to see if it's legitimate or a BSM false.

    Honestly, I really do not find either the R3 or R-Ex overly bad for falsing, even with my settings. Could be my driving environment? Neither of them are my "Daily Driver" for CM's anyway. Once or twice a week tops. I like them both for different reasons. If I could only have 1 of the 2, it would be the R-Ex because of the MRCD detection, auto learn and the Mag mount.

    I do on the R-Ex, but I turned it off for the testing. Same with Speed Cameras, RLC...etc. All off on both.
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    Thank you @Heywood for your generous info reply (and in the middle of the night). Always learning, you helped.
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