Iceland Speed Enforcement

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    I'm going to Iceland later this summer which is a beautiful county and I'm very excited about it. The only problem is the roads look like this:
    and the speed limit is 90 km/h / 56 mph. The fines for speeding are absolutely ludicrous. Like nearly $500 for 11 km/h (6.7 mph) over on a road like that. I obviously don't plan of speeding too much because by the looks of it you'll be publicly beheaded for what I would usually drive on a road like that in New Mexico, but I'm kind of worried I'll accidentally go 11 km/h over and double the price of my vacation.

    Does anybody have any knowledge of radar frequencies or speed camera locations? I'll be doing the ring road and Golden Circle. The only information I could find was this thread:

    "After traveling the entire Ring Road with my Redline I only ran into radar two times outside of the Reykjavik area. Both were Ka band radars and detection range was better than two miles in each case. Even in Reykjavik radar encounters were few and far between. In all cases the police radar was in constant transmit mode.

    All speed cameras do not use radar in any of the bands the Redline can detect. I'm not sure what method they use. As far as I know every camera is marked by a sign prior to you driving in front of it. With the exception of the tunnels in the mountains the only speed cameras on the island are within 100 km of Reykjavik and along the Golden Circle Route. From what I was told some of these may no longer be in working order. "
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    I would bet the speed cameras are some Poliscan crap or possibly FMCW ultra low power K band like Gatso/Redflex
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    Such a nice trip ahead of you!

    agree about the speeding tickets - they were increased 1st of may this year and before that they were already damn high.

    Radar bands are 99.9% ka band (mostly 34.7 & 35.5). You will encounter both C/O and I/O. There are MRCD vehicles also but you would have to be very unlucky to run into those.
    Red light cameras are marked with signs about 400m before you pass them, but I recommend you use Waze to locate them.

    Inside Reykjavík truspeed laser is used but I don't see them too often but definitely more during summer. Outside Reykjavík laser is possible to encounter but rare (again a lot more common during summer time).

    Here you have the speeding penalties.
    1000kr = ~$9 (current VISA rate)
    Hraði = speed.
    Numbers are in kilos of ISK. eg. 10 = 10.000 ISK
    171km/h+ not sure what happens for tourists but you might be charged and placed under arrest. Expect extremely high fines and trouble.
    Ignore the numbers after "+" (those are months licence is suspended, don't apply to tourists as far as I know)f

    Lastly, I would ask you to be careful. Roads are often unpredictable and dangerous when bypassing cars. Many have died, just last month 1 died and 9 injured.
    Traffic is heavy during summer time, sometimes you simply just have to bare with 80-90km/h.

    Have a nice trip! :)