iOS Version [Beta] and iOS Version [App Store] Released

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    Version [Beta] This is submitted and will take 12-24 hours for Review.

    Minor Bug - When turning Hardware Checks back on not all of them were Reset.
    Experimental - Added Merge Database Feature but you need to contact me if you want to Enabled it.
    Enhanced - Added Retries to Enabling and Disabling Audio in hopes it will resolve an issue when the phone is low on resources.
    Debug - Added Memory and CPU load resources option for Debuging Only.
    Debug - Debug Log now sorts all your settings (so I can find them).

    Version [App Store] This is in App Store

    Feature - New statistical chart view on your database. Keep Double tapping "nnn Records" above map to bring it into View.
    Feature - The new chart will also display the ditribution of AutoTolerancing when you choose "gpsMuteTol" Pin type.
    Enhanced - In addition to "All Clear" Voice message it will now also say "Snooze Clear" when Snooze times out.
    Enhanced - Added Voice message when the V1 Disconnects (optional under Voice settings)
    Enhanced - Added field to display number of pins currently in view on the map (in addition to the total on the entire map).
    Bug - Crash reported via bug database on GitHub fixed.
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