psl +20 R3 save. No video

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Dec 2, 2017
Metro Detroit , MI
Disclaimer: No Video. :p
I had a + 20 save this morning on the freeway. Its dark out,early, and light traffic. I come off the ramp hot and end up cruising at psl + 20 for a mile. I glide past a couple of cars and take out a LLH. Smooth living. I get a KA chirp and foot off the gas. Second chirp and the brakes come on. I drop it to a conservative +3. I get a continuous ramp up to full peg over the next mile +. I’m looking everywhere for this guy. Ramps, turn arounds, parallel roads. Found him. Local city LEO backed into a dark turnaround, hidden behind some tall weeds shooting 34.7 CO. Haa ! I win this time Cop’r ! At first I was a bit disappointed that It was only about 1.5 mile detection (crazy to say) . Usually in this stretch its around 3 miles. Then it hit me. He was sitting just past a large bridge. That may have been the difference this time. Marked him on Waze. After expected ramp down I continued on cautiously at +10. Good thing the guys around here don’t bother with IO or I may have been owned. It was an unusual encounter. This is the first time I can remember that they were running enforcement at that time of day. Usually its late evening and weekend. Stay Safe.