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May 28, 2018
Took my V1 and R3 (V3) along on a 200 mi drive today to see how well they played together. Placed them side by sde in the center of my dash.
Interference or no interference that is the question.
All was quiet when it seemed it should be. That was good! I encountered several speed signs. ..R3 always first with V1 close behind and with an arrow! Nice.
The excitement for the trip was a 12 mile long deviously intermittent strong Ka encounter which due to the V3 combo, I knew to be ahead of me. It was far enough ahead that i couldnt get a visual until the end of the 12 mile run where traffic all slowed. There, making a right turn was one of my CHP friends in really cool looking interceptor that could of fit right in a Road Warrior movie.
Somewhere under the surface today there may have been or not have been interference but the V3 combo was still very effective and in the game of cat and mouse. The mouse got the cheese!
Caution: your results may vary!

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