Flanked front/rear with 35.5!


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Dec 7, 2016
So there I was.....I pulled out from the pizza place and half way though my turn I get a 35.5 showing side arrows on the M360, then quickly transitioning to the rear, I look behind me but no LEO that I see due to curve in the road. I make a left shortly after and as I turn I turn my head to see a State Trooper coming around the corner behind me (odd as they are never in this area)....the Trooper turns behind me.....not a surprise as the local police station is on that road.....I have a safe lead on him doing the PSL, but right as I get to the local station a LEO pulls out in front of me....no radar running though as I laugh to myself and say wouldn't it be funny if.......bam he fires his up.....now 35.5 full in the front and rear, decent spread on the frequencies. The LEO in front is going a bit slower as the Trooper catches up from behind, M360 going nuts with the sea of 35.5! I reach up and power it down. Shortly up the road they both branch off and go their own way. I will say I do like the arrows, instantly know where the threat is coming from, never really have to wonder. Can't say I've ever been in a 35.5 sandwich like that before though!