Missed opportunity re laser


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Apr 5, 2018
Miami, FL
Once again I'm on the Express lanes, I-75 south.

I've got the cruise set to PSL.

There had been multiple pins for police but that was further back and it exposed one of the weaknesses of Waze, mobility. A pin now could be entirely different a minute later and there were about 8 pins, several of which had multiple thumbs-up for this one area lol (I should have taken a screen shot) yet not one single unit when I went through.

Again, I was down to PSL because I figured they'd be further down the route.

They were.

I guesstimated that these two units were responsible for the earlier pins.

The first unit was a standard livery FL State Trooper, and he had a client. No RD alert.

Kept the cruise at PSL.

I'm now moving along a portion that has k-rail (vs just grass) separating the Express from the primary lanes.

Down at the end of the k-rail I think I see something.

In the moment that I'm asking myself "is that an unmarked cop" ......


the laser alert comes on, strong and steady.

I am the only car in sight here in the Express lanes. There was absolutely no one else he could have been aiming at. The encounter lasted a good 5 seconds, which at highway PSL, probably worked out to 0.2 miles.

I don't touch nothing, I don't change lanes .... nothing.

And that right there was my missed opportunity.

A few moments after passing the unmarked white unit I remembered the comments from this thread: www.rdforum.org: V1 still the king of light when it comes to aiming that laser.

What I SHOULD HAVE done is put my blinker on, change to the left lane, count to 1, blinker, back into the right lane, count to 1, blinker back to the left lane .... just to see what happens.

If he pulls me over, then what, and for what? He didn't have RS, certainly no PC. I was at PSL the whole time. I used my blinker each time, the road was clear, front and back, etc.

Hurt feelings you couldn't lock in the aim Trooper Gator?

So yeah, missed opportunity lol.
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