First "real" RD save


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Aug 19, 2017
My counter measures had a great workout on Sunday. A local VW enthusiasts group hosted a cruise along the Sea to Sky Hwy up to popular tourist destination.
When we all left the starting point I was leading the pact but knew cops would be waiting a few kilometres down the road for us. Sure enough I went around a corner and was hit with a blast of I/O Ka . It was great crusing past with a smug look since I was at the PSL. The rest of the drive to the destination was quiet. Coming back the V1 picked up two RCMP officers with C/O Ka 34.7. First detection was just a LEO driving on the other side of the median, lots of traffic so no real save. The second one was on a corner where the speed limit is 60 km/hr. Thankfully I picked him up well before the bend.. cause myself and another dubber were pushing the "do not pass go, go directly to impound for 7 days" speeds. I threw on my hazards to warn my buddy and we cruised on by at the flow of traffic. No laser encounters this time.


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