Fighting Ticket In CA Again

Discussion in 'Help, I got a ticket!' started by kyle13, Apr 12, 2018.

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    Hey All, Hope everyone is doing well. Ive been away from the forum because of the ticket I got back in January, Its put me off from driving in general. I got a ticket for following to close and improper lane change from an undercover officer who was there in an unmarked car and i just pissed him off. I had my arraignment today and pleaded not guilty and invoked my right to a speed trial. Im praying he doesnt show up. If he does can he say that I should have been written for more and tell the judge i was driving recklessly and impose harsher fines on me? is there a way i can go back to the court house and change my plea and just pay the fine and have two points on my record and then pay more insurance? Id rather that then risk this guy showing up and boning me harder if he can. Thoughts?
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    Sorry that this escaped us
    No the charges cannot be upgraded against you
    And never be afraid to stand up for your rights and fight a ticket
    Even if your guilty
    However be afraid if you dont know your way around a courtroom
    That sounds like the case and its okay
    Being good in traffic court is only from experience and research

    I would contact a few different attorney's and find ones that will hear some facts and predict a favorable outcome but of course nothing is guaranteed
    Look up non moving violations in your state that may or even may not apply to your case
    Ask your lawyer if a non moving is possible
    I dont recommend you call the prosecutor until youve become more seasoned otherwise you may convict yourself and get no deal at all

    Dont feel rushed
    If you dont have an attorney and need to save
    Show to court and respectfully ask a continuance to secure council
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    Given that this guy isn't a traffic enforcement officer, my money is on him not showing.