Announcement Regarding the New RDF Policy on Political and Other Controversial Discussions

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Feb 13, 2011
This past year has been quite a challenge RDF's administration with respect to managing political discussions. Like the country, we've witnessed politics bring an unrivaled divisive ability to the forum. Certain members otherwise united by a common cause became sworn enemies across the board. We tried more relaxed standards, tighther standards, section bans, member managers, working through issues privately, warnings, infractions, and having moderators trudge through countless posts reported daily. None of this could prevent the small group of offenders from turning entirely too many civilized threads into endless trolling, denigrating comments, ad hominem attacks, and all around unacceptable behavior. Ultimately, we were forced to completely rethink RDF's policy on the subject.

We decided that a policy which BANS political discussion serves the best interest of this community. This new policy will move us past the plague of fruitless and isolating arguments and onto productive community building discussion.
As of this post, the political section is locked from further activity. Next, the Rule #2 which bans several topics from discussion has been modified to include politics and other controversial/highly volatile matters. Effective immediately, members violating this rule will be warned and infracted. Like those of any other rule, those with repeated transgressions will face the RDF jury for permanent banning from the forum.

Thank you for your understanding.
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