Speeding ticket (possibly pacing)

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    My girlfriend got herself a nasty little fine earlier today. She was heading home from work when an undercover Leo merges onto the same highway she's on. She tells me the Leo was behind her the whole time. Rookie mistake here she should have slowed down a notch once she realized it was a Leo. A couple of things odd here. The Leo never told her how fast over the limit she was. Nor was it listed on the ticket. All he just said "you were going well above the limit". Also her car is 4 door and it was written as 2 door. I doubt that will do anything. I'm more concerned about the speed fine.

    What's the best plan of attack with this one? She's still a new driver and has a previous infraction on record. If she is found guilty she could lose her license for 3 months. Lawyer is out of the question. Can't afford it. 20180206_212746.
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    Setup a court date and if it's anything like other provinces, you'll get one in a year. Then when that comes around try to delay it once or twice. Hopefully officer doesnt show and it's tossed..Worst case ontario, you have to pay it but its been 1.5-2 years later, which brings up another issue - search for Manitoba tickets being thrown out due to an "unreasonable amount of time for court date"

    Basically what happened in MB recently is a judge ruled that the system is so backlogged, a person has the right to a trial date in "a reasonable amount of time" and has been tossing tickets left and right sitting there for over a year. Since this has been a court ruling maybe you can use case law against yours if you can defer it long enough.

    Everything you need to know is here.
    www.ticketcombat.com: Fight Your Traffic Ticket

    Non-Fatal Errors
    The following errors are not fatal and won't get your traffic ticket thrown out:

    • misspelled name, incorrect address, wrong driver's licence number;
    • incorrect location;
    • incorrect date or time;
    • wrong licence plate;
    • wrong vehicle color or description;
    • incorrect set fine or total payable amount. (You can make this a fatal error, see Incorrect Fine Amounts.)
    Fatal Errors
    The following errors are fatal and will get your traffic ticket thrown out:

    • no offence date;
    • no defendant’s name (if your name is misspelled, the traffic ticket still counts);
    • no location;
    • missing officer’s signature;
    • unknown offence (e.g. speeding 70kh/hr in a 64km/hr zone);
    • the filing date is beyond seven days.
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