Upcoming plans(solo, and w/NNJCTG),

Discussion in 'Testing Group Discussion' started by NPark, Dec 7, 2017.

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    Ok guys, hope everyone is well.

    Busy busy over here with finals. Have 5 of them...quickly approaching.

    Been laying low, but for good reason.

    Solo, I've had a bunch of RD's sitting at home as you guys know.

    In the past 6-8 months, I've ran R's(both R1/3), XP's, Max360, and my M3(Stir)

    I have to say finding the differences between them is interesting. It's kind of a "what am I feeling today" sorta deal.

    To those reading this(and RD I'm borrowing), I'm going to ask for time, please.

    I'm really starting to see the fine tune details with the main contenders here. Alerts, distances, BSM/CAS offenders, and overall general nature of them. It takes time. I want to take time and try different settings, and different situations as best I can.

    That's where I stand on my solo projects(for one thing).

    With NNJCTG, we have ALOT coming up.

    You guys have been extremely generous letting me and Pat, @patscogs run your guys RD's, in solo, and testing.

    We have some testing coming up soon(after finals, just too swamped now).

    We have a solid line of RD's already


    Hoping to get that new


    Also, the diamond in the rough

    Cobra DSP 9200BT

    Also, on the way back to me, is my Escort

    9500ix(ex owner, but still show it some love)


    Also have ThreePedals6.2 HOT RL-O(actually is R detection range)

    As well, Insipid Monkey's RPSE, and ThreePedals as well.

    Full plate!!

    And I may try to sneak a 360C in there. To add to testing, and a direct comparison to the 360(as if the wifi is REALLY worth it...)besides the point...

    So yeah, some cool stuff coming up. I apologize for being so quiet, life and school have been keeping this guy busy.

    Running on extra large coffee, extra large coffee, oh and did I say coffee??

    Let me know your thoughts.

    Also, I suppose we could throw a few more M3's, and a few more R's in there. Always good to see the "old top dog" vs "Godzilla" like to see some sample variation, as you can see our results have been a bit all over the place.

    All for now,


    Thanks again to TXCTG @Jag42 @Brainstorm69 @Deacon @TXLe
    @hiddencam @Vortex @InsipidMonkey @ThreePedals6.2 @patscogs and everyone else who has sponsored our tests, and sent their gear!!

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    Sounds good nick. I cannot wait. Remember grades are first, RDF second!
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