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Discussion in 'Official YaV1 Support Section' started by XDA, Oct 12, 2017.

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    I am running V1 version 3.8945. To be sure, I ran my serial # on the Valentine website and it said I have the latest version of the V1.

    I connect to YaV1, I run Euro Mode, big "C" for K band on, and Traffic Monitor Filter on.

    Simple question. Am I getting Junk K Fighter and TMF2?

    I live in Houston and drive all over Texas. We have K band. I have used lockouts and Savvy Emulation to quiet my V1 down for the drive from my house to the open highway. K can still be pretty chatty until I get out of town, especially I-45 North until about Conroe. A lot of the time I'll just push the knob and get the little "c" until I get clear of town, then turn K back on.

    On the highway my V1 is acceptably quiet on K.

    Am I doing this right? Do I have Junk K and TMF2?

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    TMF2 should really be thought of as TMF (Version 2).
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    Are they stationary falses or BSMs?

    For stationary falses, enabling auto-lockouts on YaV1 should take care of them after you pass them three times (and will also unlock them should they not be there a certain number of times).

    BSMs are more difficult to deal with. Luckily TMF2 on the V1 is excellent, and the advanced K muting options combined with box-muting in YaV1 should allow you to tame 90% of them.

    Can you post a picture of your settings?

    One last thing, make sure you have "bogey lock tone" set to lever, and have the lever all the way to the left on the V1. The lever sets the volume of the muted alerts, so if you want quiet you'll want this all the way off.

    Good luck!

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    Here are my YaV1 settings:

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