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    I am running V1 version 3.8945. To be sure, I ran my serial # on the Valentine website and it said I have the latest version of the V1.

    I connect to YaV1, I run Euro Mode, big "C" for K band on, and Traffic Monitor Filter on.

    Simple question. Am I getting Junk K Fighter and TMF2?

    I live in Houston and drive all over Texas. We have K band. I have used lockouts and Savvy Emulation to quiet my V1 down for the drive from my house to the open highway. K can still be pretty chatty until I get out of town, especially I-45 North until about Conroe. A lot of the time I'll just push the knob and get the little "c" until I get clear of town, then turn K back on.

    On the highway my V1 is acceptably quiet on K.

    Am I doing this right? Do I have Junk K and TMF2?

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    TMF2 should really be thought of as TMF (Version 2).
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