E-Mail PM Replies & Bounce Handling Activated...

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  1. xydrine

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    So this is a pretty cool function that I've been wanting for a while now... basically, a lot of people get notification emails when they receive a PM, and they simply respond to the email as if it were their inbox here on RDF.

    Of course, with vBulletin, and up to this point, those replies would go to the server admin account (where the email notification originated from) - me, basically.

    Well now, whenever you get a PM and get notified of it via email, if you end up responding to the email, instead of replying to it on the forum like you're supposed to, it will be automatically routed to the proper destination.


    I am here on my "xydrine" username account, and I decide to send xydtest3 a PM:


    Cool. But now, xydtest3 sees the email notification for this PM in his email account inbox and decides to respond to it:


    On vBulletin, and up to today, this reply would have gone into the dark abyss that is RDF's server admin email account. Now, that is no more! As seen here, once the RDF server admin email account receives the email, it routes it through the forum platform directly to its proper destination:


    So yeah. I know this may seem like a complete waste of time, but I'm tellin' you all, the RDF server admin account receives like 5-7 emails per day from people responding to PMs via their email client instead of the forum.

    So this is a pretty good thing to implement, and so it has been. :cheers:
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  2. GoWFO

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    Congrats on making our life easier & in so making yours a little more enjoyable too.
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  3. Deacon

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    That’s really cool. It never occurred to me to reply to a notification email, and I don’t think I would still, but it’s great to know people who don’t know better will no longer miss out!
  4. Andrew21

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    Cool thank goodness for this. I remember when the site first came up and I responded like this and you were yelling at me not to reply back to emails! LOL.

    We've come a long way. Thanks for everything XYD. Lots of hard work was put into this site
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  5. CJR238

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    This is great! Thx XYD
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    That's a great feature. You don't know how many times I've caught myself responding to the email!
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