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    Just an update.

    The new Statistical based tolerance are taking forever to test. But no issue so far. But since this iOS 11 is upon us (Sept 19) I will release a Beta on that day (or sooner if possible) and probably an App store version soon after that with Statistical Based Lockouts defaults to "Off". For those testing Statistical Based tolerance now or wanting to jump right in you can just turn it on or back on when you get that release. The Default on the last Beta was turned on.

    I generally don't like iOS Beta's but I'm glad I jumped in. They changed a few things under the hood and there is always a matching XCode Compiler release with each major OS release. And as expected, once I switched to that compiler I could no longer release Beta's until XCode compiler is out of Beta (which should happen on or before the 19th as well).

    For a while there V1Driver and iOS were running pretty bad. Until I better understood the changes they made. For those that have run iOS Beta V1Driver will NOT put up the blue banner saying GPS is active (like Google Maps does) once you get the latest build. If you are running the last V1Driver Beta or the current App store version you will see that annoying blue banner.

    Because V1Driver was running poorly their for a while it may be relative, but it's running REALLY good now. Starts (on it's own very reliably and quickly, no audio delays, no crashes). For a while iOS 11 itself was crashing every 10 min with any GPS enabled app.

    I'm on Beta 10 now and have fixed several problems that came up due to iOS changes and compiler changes.

    And yes, I will be getting an iPhone X. Very cool :)
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    I'm not sold on the iPhone X. But we'll see.

    PS Here's an example of an alert. What happens after the magic 14 samples?

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    Did you watch the Video? It covers it in gory detail

    Once V1Driver gathers enough stats it will calculate the tolerance based on the variance of the data (per lock out).
    It will constantly update that data as well, in case the signal drifts long term or seasonally.

    I'm totally sold on iPhone X. No brainer.

    So what's Mt. Calm (Log Cabin on the Mountain?)

    --- Post updated ---

    Ah !! They released Xcode 9 today. New Beta is finally out. This is strictly to better support iOS 11 and stay current on the latest Compiler changes. No functional change.

    iOS 11 is released to developers too (more or less) "Gold Master". Not sure what Public Beta is at now, might be the same (or close).
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