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    I'm sure that there are a lot of lawyers that take traffic (speeding) cases, but most will focus on DUI's and Photo radar type tickets, because that's where the money is in traffic cases.
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    In 2014, before I got my detector, I was clocked at 94 in a 55 in Arizona. Boy, was he pissed at me. I'm a Canadian and I was vacationing there in winter with my motorcycle. He was going to throw me in jail for the night. Long story short, he couldn't get me a court date before my departure back to Canada date, so he wrote me up for 80mph so I wouldn't have to fly back for court. I can still hear him yelling! (And I keep some emergency cash in with my registration documents. I handed him the registration and he went to his car. He came back to my bike with the $80 cash and yelled "you better not have meant to give me this!!!!" Lol!
    Ticket was issued for $246
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    geez.... 94 mph. These LEOs get so upset they almost sound like that's a "hangin offense"
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    Who printed that thing? It's got so many mistakes lol

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    Found it....

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    That only probably applies in Native American Reservation zones....from my experience anything between 5 to 8 mph over is ok both in AZ and NM as long as you are on the state portion of the highway....once you enter native american reservation it gets very hairy....for example in NM there are places that you can hunt and most people hunt...however portion of the road goes through a native reservation (only 1 mile, it's like an appendix loop). Now owning fire arms at the reservation is illegal so every year over the past 3 years one of my bodies gets pulled over and have his car searched....rifle found and confiscated along with a ticket....the reservation LEO's know exactly that cars that are not familiar to them are hunters and that they transporting legal (outside of reservation)'s a great revenue stream for the reservation.
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    To be honest, the first second I saw "AZ Ticket Costs" I thought of these tickets:

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    They love instant on 34.7 and hiding behind shrubs in the median and Hill lines of sight

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    Knock on wood lol. That's nuts. When you say reporting of tickets. So if I get stopped in AZ it'll report to Texas?

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    You just made my night. Best laugh of the entire day!

    It could be worse though... It took me a year to get my girlfriend to drive THE speed limit and another 6 months to go with the flow of traffic (+5-10mph). She's from Australia and it sounds like enforcement/penalties there are brutal.