L-10 Taiwan Laser Jammer

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    USA, and we have www.rdforum.org: Radar Detector & Laser Jammer Forum » LIDAR Gun Listing as a general guide. The Dragon guns are actually much more complex than you might think, with newer versions have a variable random pulse rate, but we'd definitely love to try a set of your jammers!

    Users such as @Vortex (www.vortexradar.com) have become a gold standard for us, I imagine you may have heard of "Radar Roy", who passed away a while back. Vortex was originally a member here and has stepped up to perform testing and make videos to educate the masses after Roy passed.

    We are die-hard fans of this hobby, so we'd love to hear about your product, but please understand, we don't appreciate 'market speak' here, we like to keep it factual, so just bear in mind, if we hear something we think is false, we will ask you to prove otherwise.
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