Best RD in Fr ?

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  1. Kba

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    Hi guys ,

    I've owned a V1 for 4-5 years but I just changed car and I want something "superior" for my new car.
    I want a custom installed RD instead of windshield RD for this car.
    GPS is not necessary but sounds cool ( will any of the GPS RD have FR database ? )
    As far as I understood we have low K band only
    I already have LJ
    I read somewhere we need to mount RD vertically in EU ?? Is that correct ? Any difference between fixed radars vs mobile radars ?

    Thanks guys for your answers.
  2. protias

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    Redline or STi-R Plus. Your speed cameras probably work on 34.3 since Spain uses that.
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  3. Hectorlibra

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    It is hard to use a RD in FR... The penalty is very very high!!!

    If you use it, I think the best unit for that country is STI-R Plus Intl, probably with a Laser Jammer. As far as I know, you have many low power K band radars, and may Lidar.

    For GPS system, Coyote with on-line alerts is a very good option (probably the best one).

    Good luck!
  4. THX1138

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    I don't have technical details, but it looks like a challenging environment...If possible park near one of the speed camera, rotate your V1 and determine when you get optimal signal strength.

    Here are some articles

    Apparently its illegal to use GPS based systems that mark the position of these devices. Not sure how they would enforce this.
  5. Eloi

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    The precise position used to be legal , then it hurts too much the revenue , the rule is now it
    can only indicate a general area where is the radar +- few kms

    I believe they can check your unit to look at the firmware
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  6. ggarrett

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    From the last article:

    Yeah, I'm sure all of those roadside fines find their way into the treasury... :rolleyes:

    Brutal 1500 euro fine for detectors, and they could seize your car.
  7. francky06l

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    Speed camera are mainly on K Band (24.125), full of LIDAR too and that the most dangerous.

    They also now have "non marked car" with embedded low powered radar (Mesta 210), they do not run after you, they make a picture when you pass or cross them (no flash even at night) and you receive the fine by post within a week (and point of your license).

    Most radar are the low powered mesta and best distance you can detect them is about 300m with a V1 (get a bit more range when mounted vertically)

    For Lidar and Speed camera, several solution exists that are legal (the law changed they can't give you the exact place, but they warn in a 2 kilometer zone - usually when you get the beginning on the 2 kilometer, the speed camera is right in the middle). The best "community" device is "coyote" that has got many users and you get the police location in real time (again with a 2 kilometer "area"), the other that I like is called "Avertinoo" for IOS and Android, much cheaper than coyote (one off pay app ~ 5 euro),they claim to have 1 million users, works well for major roads.
  8. Eloi

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    If they dont use Ku , my choice would be a Redline , mainly for his invisibility to rdd .

    I would avoid a remote rd : more chance they confiscate of the car.

    Is this true : regular leos cant search the car for a rd , they need to call les ''Douanes'' officers ?
  9. francky06l

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    That's true, the "Douanes" (Customs) can get in your car, but when they are there you are "dead", they can keep the car for 2 days, put it apart etc ...

    8 years ago, I have been stopped by a "Gendarmerie" guy (opposite to Police, Gendarmerie is an army corps) on his big 1300 FJR motorbike in traffic jam (he was driving between car lanes). He saw my V1 on top of the sun screen, he stopped me asking "You are not suppose to have this, follow me" .. I did ..

    He was quite cool guy, I was polite just waiting for him making the report. At the end, he took the V1 and asked me "Where this RD was positioned in your car ? ", I was surprised and I answered "You saw it" .. He said, "Ok, let's say it was in the glove box and I saw the succion cups" (I did not have succion cups) !!! I wounder why, and he just said "you get 750 euros fine for transportation, and 750 euro for usage", let's agree you were just transporting it ? I agreed, and my V1 was away, 750 euro fine and 1 month driver license away.

    I did buy the V1, at that time, in Germany and it was much more hot on mesta than the current one. I really wounder if it had something different. The current I have i not so hot, I also have a Redline (bought it from HC) and on Mesta it's really bad (100 meters) so even when invisible to RDD, it's useless with such a poor range...

    So with few guys, maybe we could build our own RD ?:)
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  10. nano

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    I suppose your are from France? Can I use your Information for our European database:

    Is this correct?
    No Ka-Band
    K-Band fixed and mobile (Mesta)
    Laser in use
    RDs are illegal (usage and possesion => 750€ each) + confiscation
    No RDDs?

    What about VASCAR (Video System in unmarked Police cars)?
  11. francky06l

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    There are few Ka Band, but not many and they are Multanova 6F, there are also some Multanova 6E on 24.125 (K band).
    Right, most of the Radar and on K Band low powered Mesta (208 - 210), the 210 is really low powered.
    Laser, yes a LOT.
    RD are illegal, usage + possesion => 1500 Euros + confiscation + (1 month license away), if the RD is not removable => car confiscation

    Only very few RDD, never heard of anyone caught though. I guess the sanctions are so high that it dissuades the ownership of RD then is not worth (for the LEO) the investment in Spectre etc ..

    VASCAR not much BUT helicopter on highway.

    For the DB you can PM me.
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  12. G37X Jockey

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    Franky, do you have any experience with SpeedCheetah C50 or C150 GPS units in Europe?
  13. draneuS

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    Is there a lot of LIDAR Lasergun in France ?
    Also, is the "TruSpeed SE" and the "PROLASER4" are "LIDAR Lasergun" ?

  14. pipinos1976

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    In Greece usage of RD is a 2000€ fine + 2 month license suspension + 2 months license plates removed + you go to court for using a device that is forbidden by the National Telecommunication and Mail Organization (something like the FCC). I really wonder why Waze is not used by the majority of the drivers here. The good thing is that GPS is legal so for the cams you have locations and for the speed traps, since Waze doesn't work (egoist drivers) you need luck and to remember the exact spots.

    For France you have only two choices, if you prefer custom mounted RD: STi-R and Stinger.
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  15. Sommelier

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    A shitload, yes.
    Not sure I get the question but I'll give an answer :D The three LIDARS I know are (links):
    - the Eurolaser;
    - the Ultralyte;
    - the TruSpeed;

    I can check the French literature to get you an exhaustive answer if there is some demand.
  16. Harold

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  17. PointerCone

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    You guys resurrecting necrothreads??

    Three years on, I'd recommend the Redline EX for FR or ESP. It's basically an International Redline.