1. sdrawkcaB

    INFO Escort ZR5 Wiring Diagram for serial cable between Bridge Box and the Interface Box

    A while back I started trying to find a replacement serial cable that connects the Bridge Box and the Interface (CPU) Box of the Escort ZR5. It proved to be an almost impossible task. Luckily, I did get a hold of a cable. Realizing it was such a challenge to get a hold of, I decided to trace the...
  2. P

    Why I Returned Escort ZW5s

    Got a ZW5 Unit with Smart Cord wireless system (well not quite wireless!). I diligently took all my Sunday to install the setup within my car's engine compartment and kidney grilles. It yielded a good install, but what I experienced after that made me return my unit, which I'd purchased for $650...
  3. P

    ZW5's Own Laser Detectors Different Than MAX360/Redline EX's

    I recently installed ZW5 that is paired to a Redline EX (FW: 1.15). I would love to hear your advice on how to test that the shifters indeed work. I made a dummy test, and encountered something weird: The Redline EX says Laser Shifters Shift on power on (so this part checks out), but when I...
  4. ron topa

    my max360c says no shifter attached, but I have a ZR5 system in my car- how do I attach it to my 360c? Help :O(

    I have both items in my car but my detector said -no shifter attached. It appears its setup as a separate piece instead of a combined setup- Can someone help me merge the two into one setup? I cant find any info in the owners manual on how this is done.
  5. Vortex

    ShifterMax Version 2 heads?

    Has anyone heard anything about the 2nd version of Escort's ShifterMax heads used with the Max Ci 360, ZR5, and ZW5? When I was getting my Max Ci 360 installed last week, I learned about the second version of the heads which are marked with a white piece of plastic around the connector. I...
  6. thebravo

    Sneak Peak: Upcoming ZW5 Testing - Results Posted!

    So I wanted to let everyone know there is another little mini test brewing. @Blong2506 sent me his set of Escort ZW5 wireless Laser jammers, @drtoddw was kind enough to leave me his Redline EX to try (and conveniently to use with the ZW5's) so I will be doing a little mini test with @event...