1. sdrawkcaB

    Utah - St. George P.D. - TruSpeed S LIDAR & Motorcycle Unit Info

    Saint George Police Department did a Questions & Answers live stream today. Here is some information I was able to gather and summarize. Equipment: Every Motorcycle is equipped with an LTi TruSpeed S LIDAR unit Motorcycles ARE NOT equipped with RADAR, mounted or handheld BMW Motorcycles are...
  2. sdrawkcaB

    Utah - Former Mantua Police Chief Arrested Again on Drug Charges

    https://www.ksl.com/article/46718600/former-mantua-police-chief-arrested-two-times-this-month http://www.cachevalleydaily.com/news/archive/2020/02/15/former-mantua-police-chief-arrested-again-on-drug-charges/ Edit notes: additional link added.
  3. sdrawkcaB

    INFO Draper, UT - Draper Police to Begin Using All Blue Lights

    Draper Police are going to be the first in the State of Utah to switch to all blue lighting, going away from the statewide norm of red and blue lighting. https://www.abc4.com/news/local-news/draper-police-department-to-use-all-blue-light-on-police-vehicles/
  4. sdrawkcaB

    INFO Lehi, UT - Unmarked Perl White Cadillac Escalade

    I just saw an unmarked perl white Cadillac Escalade with two uniformed officers lighting up a vehicle on old Lehi Main Street. It har light-bars behind the front windshield AS1 tint strip; as well as a few in the front grill, and some on the rear window as well. I’m also like 80% certain I saw...
  5. sdrawkcaB

    Radar Uniden R7 vs Mantua PD on Ka at 34.719 Ghz

    Uniden R7 detecting Mantua, UT. police camped out on US-89/91. Mantua (pronounced Man-ah-way) is a notorious speed trap, making top national lists and headlines for the worst speed trap towns in the USA. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mantua,_Utah#Government
  6. S

    Driving with no number plates

    Hey everyone I hope you’re all having a good day, I don’t know where to post this thread and if a mod feels like this is not a good place for a thread like this feel free to move it. I was wondering what is the fine of driving with no number plates in different states of the US, does the fine...
  7. RRJ

    UHP Threatening Tolerance as Low as 5 MPH

    Looks like we may want to be a little more careful in Utah for a little while. They were threatening to pull for very little above PSL. If they actually do that, it may actually decrease the odds of a pull, as cops who normally wait for someone going over PSL+10 will be spending their time on...
  8. sdrawkcaB

    INFO Logan, Utah - LTI TruVision LIDAR in Use

    I found this photo in an unexpected way. I was researching Laser Technology, Inc. and ended up on their Facebook page. It just so happened that they had posted this image just days earlier. While they didn't comment about the LEO using the device, when, or where - the scenery in the image was...
  9. sdrawkcaB

    INFO Utah: Kaysville City PD - 7th Gen Stealth Marked Dodge Charger

    Black Dodge Charger, 7th Gen. Tinted overhead light bar, and bullbar on the front. MPH Industries Ka antenna seen in pic below. Radar Gun Antenna appears to be an MPH Industries Ka antenna.
  10. sdrawkcaB

    INFO Utah: Davis County Sheriff - Stealth Marked 4th Gen Chevy Tahoe

    Another social media gem... Chevy Tahoe: Charcoal Grey with Stealth Markings, Overhead Light bar, & Bullbar on front.
  11. sdrawkcaB

    Utah: American Fork PD - Unmarked Ford Explorer

    Police Department: American Fork, City of Make: Ford Model: Explorer Color: Deep Maroon / Burgundy Red Utah Plate: W00 1TX Description: Deep Maroon / Burgundy Red Ford Explorer with Tint strip on top of the front windshield. Flashers hidden inside behind tint strip on passenger side. Additional...
  12. fireparamed

    Attention to detail (or not)

    I've mentioned on here before that I spend a lot of time responding on medical calls etc. with my local police department and the Utah Highway Patrol. I typically take a peak at whatever speed enforcement devices they use. Today at a car accident we had multiple Troopers on scene so being...
  13. Freebird

    34.989 Utah White Charger

    Not sure you want to run narrow sweeps after seeing this one. You can see him parked on the ramp across from me at the stoplight. Shooting people in the a$$. my GoPro camera was having problems sharing the video it would let me play but not download so you're looking at a video of a video.
  14. sdrawkcaB

    St. George, UT - Stalker LZ-1

    January 3rd, 2019. St. George Police posted a photo of them using a Stalker LZ-1 LIDAR unit. Posting this here for the sake of reference, reusing my attachments from my other post.
  15. sdrawkcaB

    Salt Lake City, Utah - LTI UltraLyte LR B

    Local news station KSL Channel 5 (KUTV) did a feature on speeding tickets and citations issued over the past year in Utah. A friend tipped me off to it and so I got online and I grabbed the video and screen shots off the news site and am attaching it here. Always something that can be seen and...
  16. sdrawkcaB

    Kustom ProLaser 4 in Provo, UT - with 120 foot shots

    Never take for granted the opportunity to gain intel on local LEO operations from social media and news reports. I took these stills off of a video from tonight's local news. From the video narrator, the officer is identified as Ken Newell of Provo's Traffic Enforcement Division. The video was...
  17. sdrawkcaB

    I-15 Speedtrap locations near Ogden, UT / Weber County, Utah

    Here is one common speed trap location for both RADAR and LIDAR in Weber County, Utah. This is on interstate 15 right outside of Ogden, UT. There is a hillcrest that makes seeing ahead difficult if not impossible at one location. UHP use this to their advantage and will sit at the bottom of the...
  18. sdrawkcaB

    TruSpeed S confirmed in Utah

    Wanted to inform I had a visual ID on Utah Highway Patrol using TruSpeed S on my way to the office last week. I have it on video but the picture quality isn’t good enough to make it out in the video alone. But I’m sure of what I saw with my eyes as I passed him. Written from my mobile...
  19. sarcheer

    Lidar Kustom Prolaser - UHP vs. ALP

    Driving home today on I-15 just outside Salt Lake City, I got hit close range by two firsts - UHP officer on one of their new BMW cycles and shooting laser on the highway. Until today I'd never seen them using either on the highways surrounding SLC. I was so surprised I initially thought he was...