1. sdrawkcaB

    BCD436HP Gets Stuck on Site until Physical Contact Made

    I observed a strange issue the other day while running my Uniden BCD436HP. I noticed after a while of it sitting at my desk that it had become abnormally quiet. When I went to grab the scanner, it almost immediately caught traffic. I started keeping my eye on it, and I noticed a pattern. It...
  2. A

    First Uniden RD

    Hi my name is Anthony. I Have been using S Court 9500 IX For more than 10 years. I went out this weekend and bought a Uniden R7 And was wondering if I should’ve stayed with escort and purchased a max 360C. I drive a lot every day in Florida and I don’t wanna hear BSM monitor is going off...
  3. ARkaband

    Radar DFR7 vs Ka 34.7 - odd ramp up?

    My past couple encounters (ASP CO Ka 34.66 - Streamable) and (AR Highway Police IO Ka 34.7 - Streamable) have had some strange ramp up going on. Wanted to get y'alls take on these latest encounters. All 34.7ish https://streamable.com/957rn
  4. ARkaband

    Radar ANCHOR DOWN! AR Highway Police I/O 34.7 Ka

    [Language warning] Almost got I/Owned by the Highway Police on I-40 today... I was just under 80 mph (+20 PSL) https://streamable.com/ummbh
  5. ARkaband

    Radar AR State Police C/O Ka 34.7 on I-430

    ASP running C/O 34.7 from a sneaky spot on I-430. First save from my 2 day old DFR7! https://streamable.com/d45o8
  6. A

    Ka POP, yay or nay in my specific circumstances

    Here in Israel, the only radar gun in use is the MPH Bee III, so the go to recommendation on the Israeli forums is to setup the detector with X and K turned off and Ka is only using segments 1, 2 and 3 (1 and 3 are just on the off chance that a gun's frequency is a little off). As far as Ka...
  7. BWX


  8. V

    Hi everyone, Another Newcomer.

    G'day / Night everyone! I am thoroughly enjoying reading and watching about the different brands and seeing results for brands of Radar Detectors and differentiating between them. This has inevitably lead me to wanting to own one myself. I'm still looking at the Uniden R3 for use in New...
  9. B

    Back to Uniden after almost 30 years

    My first respectable radar detector was a solid little unit from Uniden, the RD9XL. The build quality was enviable, and it served me well for many years. After many models (most recently the Escort 9500ix), I'm coming back to Uniden, with a new R3. I'm in the Chicago area, so I'm looking...
  10. AltecBX

    Why is so important to keep KA Segmentation 6 on

    This is why is so important to keep KA Segmentation 6 on in NY. I have mines segmented at 2,4,5,6,8. I was alerted with 34.888 which sits in between (Ka 6: 34.803 – 35.163). He was just around the corner bend of the highway.
  11. C

    Poll - Do you use K Narrow or K Wide? (Post reasons in comments - optional)

    Wondering how many people here take the risk of setting K to Narrow and how many keep it set to Wide. I know Wide has been recommended to be safe, but I get the feeling quite a few people use K Narrow to cut down on BSM and other sources of K falses... I use K wide (been hit by K I/O late at...
  12. E

    New to Uniden and RDForum

    Hello! After my faithful Escort SoloS2 kicked the bucket nearly after 10 years, I decided to make the switch to Uniden after reading this forum and other reviews online.... Purchased a Uniden R7 and my head his spinning with all these new features and options. So much to learn and this forum...
  13. AltecBX

    Testing - R3 range against K Band 21.129 GHZ & BSM

    First of all, I have to commend all you guys & girls that go test these Radar Detectors. I respect you guys even more for you time and gas you spend on this. It took me almost an hour just to do this test driving back and forth. I kept turning around and changing the radar detector by 10% to get...
  14. F

    Need a good K band detector

    Hello from Nashville area. New to site and currently running a Escort Redline and it’s great for KA band and the range. K band on the other hand is way to chatty so I run with X and K bands off. I know K band is being used by a few around but not worth it to have alerts every 5 seconds. What is...
  15. CamaroBug

    Hello from a Camaro and R3/R7 owner

    Hello all, I am the very happy owner of a 6th gen 2SS Camaro convertible, and that of course means that I am the unlucky recipient of a recent traffic ticket. :biggrin: Well it was actually over a year ago now. Right after that, I purchased a Uniden R3, thanks to much of the information from...
  16. B

    Radar R3 Impressive KA detection distance

    I was driving home late at night and got a 5.34 mile detection from my initial detection to when I passed the cop.