1. sdrawkcaB

    Radar Uniden R7 vs Mantua PD on Ka at 34.719 Ghz

    Uniden R7 detecting Mantua, UT. police camped out on US-89/91. Mantua (pronounced Man-ah-way) is a notorious speed trap, making top national lists and headlines for the worst speed trap towns in the USA. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mantua,_Utah#Government
  2. RRJ

    UHP Threatening Tolerance as Low as 5 MPH

    Looks like we may want to be a little more careful in Utah for a little while. They were threatening to pull for very little above PSL. If they actually do that, it may actually decrease the odds of a pull, as cops who normally wait for someone going over PSL+10 will be spending their time on...
  3. fireparamed

    Attention to detail (or not)

    I've mentioned on here before that I spend a lot of time responding on medical calls etc. with my local police department and the Utah Highway Patrol. I typically take a peak at whatever speed enforcement devices they use. Today at a car accident we had multiple Troopers on scene so being...
  4. Freebird

    34.989 Utah White Charger

    Not sure you want to run narrow sweeps after seeing this one. You can see him parked on the ramp across from me at the stoplight. Shooting people in the a$$. my GoPro camera was having problems sharing the video it would let me play but not download so you're looking at a video of a video.