1. Transporter

    TMG VPR Head Testing March 2020

    Test vehicle is a 2002 Ford Thunderbird running TMG A-15 firmware 8.11. Test course is 1200 feet long. Lidar Test Guns are a TSSxb, DESL, DETC. I started testing with the DETC right out of the gate as I knew it would show if the initial head placement was working. It was not, DETC was a...
  2. HamSolo

    What Lidar, laser gun should I purchase to test my TMG A-15?

    I was looking at the Kustom signals pro lite + and A pro laser 3. Should I also look into a TruSpeed ?
  3. RaggedEdge

    INFO TMG VPR Head Test

    Preface So I've been in possession of a TMG VPR system for approximately a month. I've been able to install it in two vehicles and test it with a wide battery of guns. Some guns were available at only certain times, while others I had available always. @Jag42 has given me permission to post...
  4. P

    ZW5's Own Laser Detectors Different Than MAX360/Redline EX's

    I recently installed ZW5 that is paired to a Redline EX (FW: 1.15). I would love to hear your advice on how to test that the shifters indeed work. I made a dummy test, and encountered something weird: The Redline EX says Laser Shifters Shift on power on (so this part checks out), but when I...
  5. LuckyXII

    Toronto Lidar testing

    Hi guys new member here. I just recently installed an ALP system on my IS350 and was wondering where I can get it tested in the Toronto area to ensure optimal mounting locations. Thanks advance
  6. Transporter

    20190602 Atlanta Lidar Testing Results

    The following test results are from the June 2, 2019 Atlanta Testing against a current TSSxb and Stalker XLR Lidar Guns. The Test Course is a 1850 foot straightaway with a small dip at the far end. Forum Members included Stretch, Oktavf, Nichohat, Phantom Z3, and Transporter All TMG Units were...
  7. RockyMtnMike

    Looking for testing assistance in Colorado

    I am looking for someone to assist with testing in the Boulder/Denver/Longmont or Colorado Springs region. Please send me a.private message if you can assist or connect me with someone who can assist. Thank you!
  8. Elcid2015

    Comprehensive R1/R3/R7 Scan Cycle Times for Various Settings

    EDIT- New R7 Data Below! Thankfully Uniden listened to us and brought back the heartbeat, allowing me to repeat this study for the R7! New Conclusions- The overall conclusions are summarized in the table above. Nothing shocking. It does seem that the R7 will scan slightly faster than...
  9. Elcid2015

    R1 Scan Cycle Times From Heartbeat- Updated w/ Requests

    I was able to test the scan cycle times for some of the additional segments and modes requested by members. Results are attached, and they are quite interesting! For more info on how the measurements were made see my previous post (www.rdforum.org: Measured R1 Scan Cycle Times From Heartbeat...
  10. Elcid2015

    Measured R1 Scan Cycle Times From Heartbeat at 240 fps

    As the title indicates, I measured the scan cycle times on various settings using the slow motion camera on my S7 at 240 fps. As explained in the R1 and R3 user manuals, "A heart icon indicates the end of one scan cycle and the beginning of another." I analyzed the on/off nature of the...
  11. Brainstorm69

    TXCTG - Testing Index

    TXCTG sometimes get questions about where certain TXCTG testing threads are. So we decided to start a thread where we are going to keep a running index of TXCTG testing threads. This index is in reverse chronological order (i.e., newest testing first, oldest testing last), and includes a list of...