1. hawkeye1680

    Hello! Long time lurker and motorcycle rider...

    Hello, My name is Tony, aka hawkeye1680. I've been a long time lurker of the forums, and love the community of radar detector enthusiasts. I'm also an avid motorcycle rider, and wanted to share how I utilize them together. @Vortex was just doing a live stream, and I questioned him. He asked to...
  2. BWX

    Radar Uniden DFR7 Motorcycle Radar Detector vs Ka 34.80 - Close one!!

    1577369250 Detection at around 00:28 I can't seem to find an edit button in the post!? Can't edit posts anymore?? 🤔🤷‍♂️
  3. gmspecialist

    My TPX review

    I recently purchased the TPX unit for my sport bike. Here is my two cents worth. First I noticed some people are confused (not so much this forum) regarding the unit being waterproof. The unit is not waterproof, not even water resistant. What Adaptive said to me was the heads are water proof not...
  4. Transporter

    TMG Motorcycle Two Head System on Algo 8.06 Testing Results

    I recently installed a Motorcycle Specific TMG System on a Kawasaki Concour I am attaching the results. The two heads were mounted on the underside of my front mirrors that are attached to and part of the main fairing (they are fixed and don't turn along with the bars and front wheel). The...
  5. BWX


  6. S

    New Motorcycle Sensor Placement Suggestions

    Hi Folks, New here, trying to soak up as much knowledge as I can before I throw too much money at this problem. Just bought a new bike and I'm looking for some laser CMs as I live in one of the most aggressively monitored parts of the US where they seem to use some of the toughest laser guns...