1. HamSolo

    max 360, vs ixc, what’s the main difference besides directional arrows?

    What’s the main difference between these two detectors besides the directional arrows on the 360c. As I’ve heard range orherwise is about the same, unless you get the redline ex.
  2. K


    Hello, I’m Cole from eastern N.C. I do a lot of highway travel for work and school and I’ve had a the MAX360 for about a year now maybe longer. It’s definitely helped with the gps digital speed display. I’ve noticed I drive much safer with it rather than without. I recently got a new smart cord...
  3. rvacs

    V1 Savvy use on other Radar Detectors like Escort?

    Hey Guys, I have a car (porsche) with an ugly to get to fuse box and hard wire routing. Been using my V1 with the Savvy via the ODB port on my car. That way I did not have to do cigarette lighter or not have to fight the fuse box. I know the functions of the SAVVY automuting speeds would not...
  4. M

    Quality problems or Bad Luck?

    Ok so to start out I'm not shaming any companies at all. To start out I posted not to long ago that i was interested in buying a jammer and a radar detector too. Well I did, I bought a max 360c for about $700 last week and sure enough its awesome quality physically and loved it but had some...