ka 35.5

  1. Dave G

    Radar Double Bogey on DFR9

    Noiticed a LEO parked by the PD blasting some 35.5. I made a flip turn and pulled onto the street he was parked. As I make the turn I'm receiving a Ka 35.5 alert, as I close in on the Marked Slick Top Explorer I pass the Ford Taurus which is blasting some K 24.15. I get a bogey alert for it and...
  2. ARkaband

    Radar Sneaky Park Ranger vs DFR7, C/O 35.5

    Another example of how the Rangers only run C/O, that spot would be LETHAL with I/O. Somehow, he was marked on [D]aze. Our little game is ending tied! Looks like we're gonna need a tie-breaker. Park Ranger 1-1 DFR7 https://streamable.com/aqzki
  3. ARkaband

    Radar DFR7 Fail, Constant Owned by Park Ranger with 35.5

    Just a week after I pull in a 3+ mile 35.5 detection, I get constant owned. Very disconcerting. What do you think went wrong? https://streamable.com/kyx12