1. ARkaband

    Radar Awesome 1 Mile I/O K band save

    Late at night on US-167 into the small town of Fordyce. Apparently there was only 1 car in between me and this sneaky Fordyce cop. Awesome stuff from the DFR7 here. https://streamable.com/qjsti
  2. ARkaband

    Radar Sneaky Park Ranger vs DFR7, C/O 35.5

    Another example of how the Rangers only run C/O, that spot would be LETHAL with I/O. Somehow, he was marked on [D]aze. Our little game is ending tied! Looks like we're gonna need a tie-breaker. Park Ranger 1-1 DFR7 https://streamable.com/aqzki
  3. ARkaband

    Radar DFR7 Fail, Constant Owned by Park Ranger with 35.5

    Just a week after I pull in a 3+ mile 35.5 detection, I get constant owned. Very disconcerting. What do you think went wrong? https://streamable.com/kyx12
  4. ARkaband

    Radar DFR7 vs Ka 34.7 - odd ramp up?

    My past couple encounters (ASP CO Ka 34.66 - Streamable) and (AR Highway Police IO Ka 34.7 - Streamable) have had some strange ramp up going on. Wanted to get y'alls take on these latest encounters. All 34.7ish https://streamable.com/957rn
  5. ARkaband

    Radar ANCHOR DOWN! AR Highway Police I/O 34.7 Ka

    [Language warning] Almost got I/Owned by the Highway Police on I-40 today... I was just under 80 mph (+20 PSL) https://streamable.com/ummbh
  6. ARkaband

    Radar AR State Police C/O Ka 34.7 on I-430

    ASP running C/O 34.7 from a sneaky spot on I-430. First save from my 2 day old DFR7! https://streamable.com/d45o8
  7. BWX


  8. Googalslosh

    New user from Miami FL

    Hello all! Been lurking posts here the past month or so for radar detector info. I had been using an old Cobra POS from like 2007. Finally decided to upgrade (Uniden DFR7). Where can I post my results from the past 3 weeks of testing Ive done here in South Florida?
  9. Dave G

    507 mile trip with my DFR7

    I will be heading out to the highway for my first long road trip with my DFR7 this Friday. I am headed to Wild Wonderful WV to take my mother out to dinner for her 84th birthday. I will travel through parts of the beautiful state of North Carolina and into the not so great state of Virginia...
  10. Dave G

    The Forgotten DFR Series

    Will it become, the forgotten DFR Series RD. Will Uniden create anymore FW updates for these detectors or is their plate to full. At this time, I'm happy with my DFR7 and it's performance. The only FW update I'd like to see is more alert tones to choose from otherwise everything else seems...
  11. Dave G

    Alert take over.

    Yesterday I encountered my first alert takeover. Driving down a roadway when I encountered a Ka alert. As I look in my rearview mirror I see a LEO maybe 1500' behind me running C/O, I roll approximately another 400' down the roadway and now I find myself passing in front of a Dollar General that...
  12. RRJ

    Can BSM act differently for same model/same firmware?

    I bought a DFR7 for my friend and since he hasn’t had a radar detector, I’ve been running it so I can explain it’s behavior in relation to store falses and BSM. It has the latest firmware installed. The first thing I noticed, is the BSM is horrible compared to my R1 It falses much more and...