1. S

    Lidar ALP vs M(ichigan)SP for the first time.

    Got "hit" by an MSP for the first time since installing the ALP a few months ago. Cracks me up that he left his Ka on (not that it gave me much warning). Uniden R7 didn't alert to the laser (no big surprise and not concerned). Not sure if he was tagged on Waze as my wife and I were both on the...
  2. JuniorIS350

    Toronto Lidar testing

    Hi guys new member here. I just recently installed an ALP system on my IS350 and was wondering where I can get it tested in the Toronto area to ensure optimal mounting locations. Thanks advance
  3. D


    We recently did a 2018 Audi RS7 install complete install and test. I did not see the full install as I was away, but I saw the finished product and we tested it with our nemesis the Dragon eye compact laser gun. Our Customers in Edmonton, Alberta. The radar-laser capital of North America so he...
  4. S

    Lidar 1st and 2nd hit ever with ALP.

    Got a couple videos to share. My first and second time being hit with laser after installing my first jammer last month. Running 2 Rx's + 1Tx up front and 2 Rx out back on my '19 Ford Raptor... yeah it kind of has a billboard size front end... On this cross country trip, I was running my R7...
  5. P

    Latest ALP update- issues

    Hello, I just did installed the latest up via Bluetooth. Now when I start the car, my hi-fi alerts me to restore defaults and check sensors. When my phone connects, and gps signal is connected, all seems to be fine. I did re-download my setting, as it seemed my LED was flashing instead of solid...
  6. B

    2018 Ram 1500 installation with AL Priority 6 sensors

    Fresh install with TX sensors. Seems to work like a charm...
  7. Partybot

    Cadillac CTS-V -ALP install

    I self installed an ALP system in my CTS-V wagon. 3Rx sensors up front. 2rx and 1tx head in the back. With a relatively wide layout and big headlights and tail lights, this gets good coverage. I tested JTG/JFG with stalker XLRr, dragon eye compact and standard dragon eye. A relatively big...
  8. IPA

    2014 Camaro TX Placement

    Hello all, I just purchased a couple of TX heads to upgrade my system. I've posted my placement before, but I wanted to get some advice on this new setup going forward. Here is my current placement: The lowest RX on the front is 15" from ground. The backup camera is 8" from both heads. For...
  9. RockyMtnMike

    Looking for testing assistance in Colorado

    I am looking for someone to assist with testing in the Boulder/Denver/Longmont or Colorado Springs region. Please send me a.private message if you can assist or connect me with someone who can assist. Thank you!
  10. G

    ALP head attachment Audi S4 grille

    I am installing ALP heads to my Audi S4 front grille. Does anyone know what the preferred method of attachment is? Im thinking mounting tape, or a mounting bracket, or perhaps there's a better method? Thanks.
  11. RockyMtnMike

    BMW install advice on Radenso RC M and ALP

    I'm relatively new here but all in. I've had a bad run of tickets and that ends now. You all have been awesome in educating me fast. I just put a down payment to schedule my install of a Radenso RC M with the integrated ALP. This comes with the three front laser sensors (no Tx). While I may...
  12. Turbo King

    Advice needed on placement of ALP heads and Net Radar antennas

    I want to put an ALP laser and ALP Net Radar DSP system, both front and rear, on my motorcycle. Attached are pictures I took of my 2018 BMW S1000XR. I got the measurements of the 3 items I am mounting and made clay blocks to scale, and then put them on the bike where I am thinking of locating...
  13. Kpotunzipped

    TruCam ii or TruCam 2 laser speed gun

    Hi guys! In my country police is starting to use Trucam 2 speed guns, as far as i know these are 905mn laser guns. Them claim that these are unable to jamm. has anyone any info on this? Obviously im looking for a laser jammer now, just dont know anything what to look for. There are some...
  14. P

    2018 ZL1 ALP install

    Hello, I want to thank all on this forum. Your discussions have helped me in my install. I wanted to share some pics. I welcome any feedback. I think I’ll add another RX in the rear, I like things looking sympathetical.
  15. C

    NC PL3

    Coming home on 85S tonight, saw some officers marked on Waze, but not for another few miles. Coming up to a spot I know they sit at, I backed out of it. Sure enough, I can see the reflective parts of the livery on a NCHP car. Cruise at about +3ish, and he lights me up! I could actually see...
  16. J

    Thinking of going to an ALP dealer for install but...

    Okay, I went onto the ALP website and found a dealer near me that will Install everything... they have a lifetime guarantee on their install. They wanted $650 to install my 2 front sensor set up. I don’t have the HiFi, GPS, radar options. I thought that was pretty pricy. I talked to them...
  17. JDG

    AL Priority (ALP) - Fiesta ST Placement Suggestions

    I am looking for some suggestions of a 3-head (1 TX Center/ 2 RX) AL Priority setup on the front end of my Ford Fiesta ST. Here is what I am thinking. I already bought a spare grill so I can cut out the honeycombs on the bench and test fit everything before removing the bumper. I would like...
  18. Arcome

    ALP with TX - BMW install - Front and Rear JTG against the Dragon

    Team, I had the pleasure of testing my setup with Andrew yesterday against the TruSpeed S and DragonEye. He was not able to get a single punch through on my front or rear. I figured it was worth sharing the sensor locations for those of you wondering about good placement on a BMW. At first I...