1. S

    Lidar 1st and 2nd hit ever with ALP.

    Got a couple videos to share. My first and second time being hit with laser after installing my first jammer last month. Running 2 Rx's + 1Tx up front and 2 Rx out back on my '19 Ford Raptor... yeah it kind of has a billboard size front end... On this cross country trip, I was running my R7...
  2. P

    Latest ALP update- issues

    Hello, I just did installed the latest up via Bluetooth. Now when I start the car, my hi-fi alerts me to restore defaults and check sensors. When my phone connects, and gps signal is connected, all seems to be fine. I did re-download my setting, as it seemed my LED was flashing instead of solid...
  3. B

    2018 Ram 1500 installation with AL Priority 6 sensors

    Fresh install with TX sensors. Seems to work like a charm...
  4. Partybot

    Cadillac CTS-V -ALP install

    I self installed an ALP system in my CTS-V wagon. 3Rx sensors up front. 2rx and 1tx head in the back. With a relatively wide layout and big headlights and tail lights, this gets good coverage. I tested JTG/JFG with stalker XLRr, dragon eye compact and standard dragon eye. A relatively big...
  5. IPA

    2014 Camaro TX Placement

    Hello all, I just purchased a couple of TX heads to upgrade my system. I've posted my placement before, but I wanted to get some advice on this new setup going forward. Here is my current placement: The lowest RX on the front is 15" from ground. The backup camera is 8" from both heads. For...
  6. RockyMtnMike

    Looking for testing assistance in Colorado

    I am looking for someone to assist with testing in the Boulder/Denver/Longmont or Colorado Springs region. Please send me a.private message if you can assist or connect me with someone who can assist. Thank you!
  7. G

    ALP head attachment Audi S4 grille

    I am installing ALP heads to my Audi S4 front grille. Does anyone know what the preferred method of attachment is? Im thinking mounting tape, or a mounting bracket, or perhaps there's a better method? Thanks.
  8. RockyMtnMike

    BMW install advice on Radenso RC M and ALP

    I'm relatively new here but all in. I've had a bad run of tickets and that ends now. You all have been awesome in educating me fast. I just put a down payment to schedule my install of a Radenso RC M with the integrated ALP. This comes with the three front laser sensors (no Tx). While I may...
  9. Turbo King

    Advice needed on placement of ALP heads and Net Radar antennas

    I want to put an ALP laser and ALP Net Radar DSP system, both front and rear, on my motorcycle. Attached are pictures I took of my 2018 BMW S1000XR. I got the measurements of the 3 items I am mounting and made clay blocks to scale, and then put them on the bike where I am thinking of locating...
  10. Kpotunzipped

    TruCam ii or TruCam 2 laser speed gun

    Hi guys! In my country police is starting to use Trucam 2 speed guns, as far as i know these are 905mn laser guns. Them claim that these are unable to jamm. has anyone any info on this? Obviously im looking for a laser jammer now, just dont know anything what to look for. There are some...
  11. P

    2018 ZL1 ALP install

    Hello, I want to thank all on this forum. Your discussions have helped me in my install. I wanted to share some pics. I welcome any feedback. I think I’ll add another RX in the rear, I like things looking sympathetical.
  12. C

    NC PL3

    Coming home on 85S tonight, saw some officers marked on Waze, but not for another few miles. Coming up to a spot I know they sit at, I backed out of it. Sure enough, I can see the reflective parts of the livery on a NCHP car. Cruise at about +3ish, and he lights me up! I could actually see...
  13. J

    Thinking of going to an ALP dealer for install but...

    Okay, I went onto the ALP website and found a dealer near me that will Install everything... they have a lifetime guarantee on their install. They wanted $650 to install my 2 front sensor set up. I don’t have the HiFi, GPS, radar options. I thought that was pretty pricy. I talked to them...
  14. JDG

    AL Priority (ALP) - Fiesta ST Placement Suggestions

    I am looking for some suggestions of a 3-head (1 TX Center/ 2 RX) AL Priority setup on the front end of my Ford Fiesta ST. Here is what I am thinking. I already bought a spare grill so I can cut out the honeycombs on the bench and test fit everything before removing the bumper. I would like...
  15. Arcome

    ALP with TX - BMW install - Front and Rear JTG against the Dragon

    Team, I had the pleasure of testing my setup with Andrew yesterday against the TruSpeed S and DragonEye. He was not able to get a single punch through on my front or rear. I figured it was worth sharing the sensor locations for those of you wondering about good placement on a BMW. At first I...

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