1. ARkaband

    Radar 34.7 action in Tennessee [Uniden DFR7]

    Took a trip to Knoxville last weekend, no action in Arkansas but plenty of 34.7 hits through Tennessee. https://streamable.com/8z56n
  2. ARkaband

    Radar DFR7 vs Ka 34.7 - odd ramp up?

    My past couple encounters (ASP CO Ka 34.66 - Streamable) and (AR Highway Police IO Ka 34.7 - Streamable) have had some strange ramp up going on. Wanted to get y'alls take on these latest encounters. All 34.7ish https://streamable.com/957rn
  3. ARkaband

    Radar ANCHOR DOWN! AR Highway Police I/O 34.7 Ka

    [Language warning] Almost got I/Owned by the Highway Police on I-40 today... I was just under 80 mph (+20 PSL) https://streamable.com/ummbh
  4. ARkaband

    Radar AR State Police C/O Ka 34.7 on I-430

    ASP running C/O 34.7 from a sneaky spot on I-430. First save from my 2 day old DFR7! https://streamable.com/d45o8
  5. C

    NCHP 34.7

    Two 34.7 encounters in one trip! The first one was well marked on Waze. I didn't expect two of them to be there, though! I had been following the SUV in the left lane for a while, I really thought he was going to get cooked. Guess he was within their threshold though. Interesting, it seemed...