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    Where do you even start?

    start at the beginning. what are your needs? portable? custom installed? laser protection needed or just radar detection? then go and see which radar qualifies your needs and go from them. make sure to read consumer reviews on the product
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    Radar 3 more saves after getting busted

    What kind of detector are you using?
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    My wife got a 53 in a 35

    i would take it to court and try to fight it anyways. i don't think it'll stand even if she admit to the officer on the spot. she should just plead not guilty my friend.
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    Would you still purchase the Redline today?

    i ended up giving it up because of all the false alerts i was getting. the k band filter isn't so effective and goes off constantly when im around cars with the blind spot monitors. so the answer to your question would i still buy a redline today would have to be NO
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    How to Ask for A Radar Detector recommendation:

    how to ask for a radar detector recommendation? i think you'd go and checkout consumer reviews and see what features you want until you find the right product

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