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    R7 - Is this range ok for this road?

    I signed up a week ago and recently bought a R7. I caught a trap tonight on my dash cam tonight and would like some feedback. I wasn't expecting anything so sorry for the grainy night video. I have never used a detector before so I don't know if the range is decent or not for that road? I had...
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    Detector recommendation for Central Florida.

    Hey everyone, Noob checking in. I'm in the Central Florida area and am looking for a good city detector. After reading up on here the past several days I'll narrowed it down to one of the 3 below but if anyone can recommend a different one by all means please let me know. I'll add all my info...
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    New member.

    Hey everyone, new member from Florida checking in! I'm new in every since of the word when it comes to radar detectors. After doing some digging around I came across this site. I've been reading many threads over the past few days and have narrowed it down to a few detectors. I'll be starting a...

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