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  1. jake072

    Greetings! After 20 years as V1 user, now have a R7

    Welcome! Nice new ride, and a good piece of kit in the R7. Check out laser protection section on here for information on that too if you have it in your area.
  2. jake072

    Data-only SIM card for Waze?

    Over a month later my hotspot is still waiting to be handed over to a courier. Dunno wtf is going on.
  3. jake072

    Would you pay 1K plus for a Radenso that was completely immune to BSM?

    This sounds good but I'd like an API too as others have mentioned. Dinner would be nice too
  4. jake072

    50,000 mi/yr mostly in IA-MN-MO-WI. New Uniden R7. Looking to evaluate risk of I/O vs time saved.

    Everything I’ve read and evidence from this forum suggests that veil is complete snake oil. I can’t help much with the rest but for laser protection the general consensus seems to be an ALP system. Welcome!
  5. jake072

    Uniden BCD436HP GPS Mod

    This is a great idea. Plus they’d have to commit the funds. I’d be happy to help with setup or support for this if needed. 1559087741 Ok I figured there must be an option for that. I might go looking for one. I read in this thread some problems buying used off of RR classifieds should I avoid...
  6. jake072

    Uniden BCD436HP GPS Mod

    I’m curious too. I have encrypted radio for the most part near me so this would only be useful on road trips but with a 8 hour battery it seems almost completely useless to me. I figured there was a LiON battery or some way to charge it otherwise what’s the point for long road trips. And AA...
  7. jake072

    Data-only SIM card for Waze?

    I still haven't received it yet. It is stuck in "ready to ship" for the past week... No clue what's going on with them.
  8. jake072

    Wiring / fuse advice

    Hey all, So I’ve got all the components I’d like in my car for now, I just have to take a weekend and wire it all up. The list is: Pro-M hardwired. Dual USB header to power my phone and GoPro while at the track. I’m wiring these in so I can route and hide the wires so as to not block any view...
  9. jake072

    Game of Thrones

    I hope GRRM finishes the books. Cause that didn’t do it justice IMHO. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  10. jake072

    Anyone running a kill switch for their ALP?

    Great info! I was trying to remember at which marker board I braked at my last track day. I was hitting 130mph down to 70 at apex and I’m pretty sure I started my braking at the 400ft board. That is a closed course driving a GT350 though. I was also not pushing lap time either. I would not do...
  11. jake072

    Any potential liabilities to having a dashcam?

    The only 100% way your dash cam cannot be used against you is if you don’t have one. If you’re that paranoid about it don’t get one. It’s not that complicated.
  12. jake072

    Beta software for R7

    One of the problems with a public beta is that if anyone can get it, they may have no idea how to use and/or test it. That could create a mountain of useless feedback. Good, quality feedback is more important than a lot of feedback.
  13. jake072

    RDFGS 2.0: Feature Requests...

    I joined the Rocket Chat. Seems to be a pretty general conversation unless I’m missing something for development. I’ve got it on my phone and tablet. I tried clicking threads figuring there might be something there but it never does anything. Rdfgs is a ghost town, is that where Dev talk is...
  14. jake072


  15. jake072

    RDFGS 2.0: Feature Requests...

    This project sounds really awesome. @xydrine will you be looking for any programming help or is this a one man band? I’d like to contribute some programming!
  16. jake072

    Data-only SIM card for Waze?

    Yeah at this point if the thing arrives at all I'll be overjoyed. If it doesn't work I'll just sell it!
  17. jake072

    Data-only SIM card for Waze?

    I really don't know what to think. On a lark I tried logging in today to see if I could resolve the account closure and it's all back saying that it's preparing for shipment. I guess for free I can't expect much in the way of customer service lol!! If I ever do receive it I'll probably post a...
  18. jake072

    Data-only SIM card for Waze?

    I really don’t get this company. They’ve now cancelled my account. It’s impossible to talk to a human. I don’t get it.
  19. jake072

    Scanner recommendations

    Yeah seems like everything is actually want to listen to is encrypted so it would only be visiting Michigan family or going to race tracks that I’d benefit in any way... Thanks for the help!
  20. jake072

    Game of Thrones

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