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  1. asleeper

    Wife just got her positive pregnancy test on father's day. Let's hope this baby decides to stay.

    Congrats and good news, just in time for father's day. Best of luck to the two of you.
  2. asleeper

    Looking at July for v1s now.

  3. asleeper

    Wife claimed she's colorblind but figured out what this was.

    It's the ban hammer.
  4. asleeper

    LTI UltraLyte Compact

    Definitely a good price, even with shipping. I wonder if it's the 100pps or 125pps? I believe the 100LR's could come both ways, 100 or 125.
  5. asleeper

    Semi Important DragonEye Speed Laser (2018) with ECCM

    It's probably Jag considering the seller is "tmgamerica". :P
  6. asleeper

    Iran / War?

    I wouldn't rule out the possibility of a "false flag" operation as there are international (US) and regional powers (especially Saudi Arabia) with the means (and motive) to frame Iran and/or provoke a conflict that would likely lead to regime change in the country. Likewise, it's not in Iran's...
  7. asleeper

    Toronto Raptors NBA Champions 2019!!!

    LMAO, not out of the realm of ordinary consider who Tweeted it.
  8. asleeper

    Toronto Raptors NBA Champions 2019!!!

    Same, not a fan of basketball but that was a good game.
  9. asleeper

    The OFFICIAL idiot drivers thread

    It should be working now.
  10. asleeper

    The OFFICIAL idiot drivers thread

    I yield to no one.
  11. asleeper


    Minimal difference between the two, but I'd Seems like the difference is minimal between the two although I'll probably opt for the 3mm anyway.
  12. asleeper


    I'm really liking the idea of using Perspex on my daily driver in VA. Making things less visible is never a bad thing in banned area ;). One question on the Perspex, is the 3mm thickness dark enough to conceal the heads or would 5mm be better?
  13. asleeper

    Utah DPS arrest suspect posting own videos

    Something that everyone who posts dashcam videos should keep in mind, what you say (or show) can be used against you. Granted this guy had posted multiple videos of his "exploits" but it goes to show that the police are watching YouTube. This brings up the question of posting videos of CM's...
  14. asleeper

    NHL Playoff Thread

    Congrats Blues and a well deserved win after quite a long time. I called it in one of my earlier posts back in April when the playoffs began that if the Caps could would last year it was only fitting that St. Louis would win this year. Now with no more hockey, it's time for baseball. Let's go...
  15. asleeper

    The Official Ultimate App or no App Thread.

    Well said and I'll add that using an app with your RD isn't for everyone. For those that don't want (or don't care) there are plenty of other options out there. However, for those of us that appreciate the extra functionality and customization that JBV1 or V1driver offer, the V1 is unmatched...
  16. asleeper

    My commuter car

    That's a really clean install. It's about the best you could've done since your car is not exactly jammer friendly. This is where the Stinger fiber jammers would come in quite handy.
  17. asleeper

    35.5 vs 34.7

    While VA is mostly 35.5 (state and local), 34.7 does exist, albeit to a lesser degree. I know LoCo uses both (34.7 and 35.5).
  18. asleeper

    4/2/19 - TMG Dual vs Dragoneye testing Algo 8.05

    ^This. No different than RD's, buy what works best for you. As for jammers, if you face a lot of close in encounters and/or DE's, ALP is the way to go. If you don't have to deal with DE's and/or close in encounters on a regular basis and want to save some money TMG is good option. Everyone is...
  19. asleeper

    Can you help me ID this lidar gun?

    Good thing he wasn't in Virginia. That sweet Porsche would be sitting in an impound lot with the driver being hauled off to the local jail, likely to get a couple of weeks after the court date.
  20. asleeper

    TMG vs Laser Atlanta

    LA's are still around although they aren't too difficult to jam. The issue is more related to the stealth mode although it's highly unlikely this particular feature is used in the field. From an LEO's perspective, it's more of a hassle than it's worth given the extra couple of seconds it takes...

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