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  1. Chris KH2PM

    Coronavirus relief! Burn some rubber!

    Awesome! Sounds great!
  2. Chris KH2PM

    Interview with Mike Valentine about the V1 Gen2

    Such an epic interview! One that I've been anticipating for quite awhile. I figured eventually we'd see a 'new and improved' V1, and that @Vortex would get that special interview we've all been anticipating. I found myself grinning at Mike V's explanation of the development of the new V1 G2's...
  3. Chris KH2PM

    Driving in Ireland

    I've been to Ireland many times over the past six years (I'm an airline pilot) and we have scheduled hotel layovers in Dublin, not far walking distance from the Temple Bar district. We (crew) have always been shuttled to the hotel in a small van or hired car for our 24-ish hour layover. I...
  4. Chris KH2PM

    Fellow Morse Code users!

    I fly Boeing 757 & 767's, and the ILS has to be audibly verified via the CWID of the ILS. It's in the AOM. Newer aircraft may have an automatic verification built into the avionics suite. The B767-400 with PFD/ND that I fly does so we don't have to audibly check the ILS CWID. To clarify, we...
  5. Chris KH2PM

    Fellow Morse Code users!

    I'm not an active on CW HF, but I do know CW and often ID ground based NAVAIDs (VORs, ILS etc) while fling the Jet at work. We're required to identify all ILS CW ID's on an Instrument Approach. All have to do is listen. The other pilots have to cross reference the Jeppesen chart to verify it.
  6. Chris KH2PM

    I got rear ended this morning

    No, not again! Glad to hear you and your family are OK, and that the rear dashcam was on the job this time! I've been rear-ended a couple of times, and I know what kind of pain and mental anguish you're going through.
  7. Chris KH2PM

    V1 and R1 (Ka only) run simultaneously = good results

    I've been running my V1 & JBV1 along with my R7 for many months now with no issues due to proximity. I run the R7 with K band OFF since it's really awesome at sniffing out distant Ka. The V1 is better at LIDAR warnings. Not much LIDAR around here, but a couple of towns I frequent do have...
  8. Chris KH2PM

    What was your first car?

    My first car was a fixer-upper 1970 Camaro Z28 4-speed. It barely ran when I bought it but I did a lot of work on it over the 12 years that it was my daily driver from 1982-94. It taught me a lot as I had to repair or rebuild about everything on the car while I had it. Here's a pic of me in...
  9. Chris KH2PM

    Sold/Ended Very vintage V1

    I still have my first V1. The serial # is 213055049x. It's a V.2693. Still works, but I haven't taken it out on the road in awhile.
  10. Chris KH2PM

    New Uniden R7’s with plastic defects?

    This is not a physical defect or deformation that you can feel. I consider it to not be an issue at all, as I can't even see it when looking straight at the OLED screen. Only when looking down from above, and if the lighting is right, do you see it. There is a granular texture on the surface...
  11. Chris KH2PM

    New Uniden R7’s with plastic defects?

    Mine has the same visual effect. It looks like a 'sheen' in the grain on the plastic that only appears at a specific angle and lighting. I cannot feel anything noticeable when I run my finger over it. My R7 is several months old, serial number 275 for reference. If you hadn't brought it up...
  12. Chris KH2PM

    Will we see another update to the R7 or is the game over

    I don't get any BSM falses from my R7. How's that? Because I turned K-band OFF! All of the local agencies where I live in Raleigh and surrounding areas are all Ka. Nice and quiet. VVaze helps a ton too.
  13. Chris KH2PM

    JBV1’s coolest features

    Another Countermeasures Tool for the toolkit (apps) is openADSB. It is an IOS or Android app that uses Crowd Sourced ADSB data. Therefore it can show, and even highlight, Military, Special, and Emergency aircraft that many of the other flight tracker sites such as FlightAware and FlightRadar24...
  14. Chris KH2PM

    Central NC LIDAR and maybe Radar Testing

    It was great meeting everyone today, although I arrived a couple hours late. I ran my Kustom Hawk K-band on the way out, but the dang 2A fuse blew about 5 minutes before I arrived at the test site. I was hoping to blast someone with K while pulling up on you guys there. I did experience just...
  15. Chris KH2PM

    Central NC LIDAR and maybe Radar Testing

    Also, @LinuxD if you have Yaesu C4FM/YSF capabilities I may leave my FTM-400 in the truck. I was planning on swapping it out for my FTM-350 which I MARS/CAP modded a long time ago for any VHF/UHF Secret Squirrel frequencies that my be used while out and about. ;)
  16. Chris KH2PM

    Central NC LIDAR and maybe Radar Testing

    Yes I'm a DMR nerd! Right now unfortunately the only repeater I can reliably reach is the Raleigh NC-PRN machine, and it's not currently connected to the internet. I'm out in Northern Harnett Co., so I can't get to the Cary machine which is linked via C-Bridge to the Nash machine on the Local...
  17. Chris KH2PM

    North Carolina - HB144 - Illegal to use a cellphone/text while driving

    One evening not too long ago, while driving on a divided highway with active construction, orange barrels all over. Posted speed limit reduced due to construction. I noticed the headlights of a vehicle about 1/2 mile behind me, and every time I glanced in the rear-view mirror they were closer...
  18. Chris KH2PM

    Look at the care package I got today!

    @Kennyc56 glad to hear your leg isn't broken. Stoked to see your new Care Package! Sweeeet!
  19. Chris KH2PM

    Central NC LIDAR and maybe Radar Testing

    I'm a long time automotive, scanner, radio (VHF, UHF, HF) and radar detector geek. Sounds like good times. I'm pretty sure I can make it. Might have a couple extra HT's to loan out if needed. Analog and digital, VHF and UHF.
  20. Chris KH2PM

    JBV1’s coolest features

    Here's a screengrab from my commute the other day. A few BSMs, and an aircraft doing 'touch-N-goes' at a local airport, leaving the circular flight path depiction red dashed lines.