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  1. fireparamed

    Arrows are good.

    Driving home from work this morning with the R7, got a Ka alert in an area that routinely has UHP Troopers sitting on an off-ramp doing paperwork. Good ramp up, showing 34.6xx which almost always is rear antenna for UHP. Showing in front of me, then transitions to side then behind with a second...
  2. fireparamed

    Sincere question about V1 or V2

    Please no flaming, I am NOT trolling. I would appreciate sincere answers. I could never have afforded a V1 in my younger years so I always bought the mighty Cobra. Then I went without for 20 years. I only re-entered the game 2 years ago. Researching all available options and only using an...
  3. fireparamed

    Google Earth Ka False?

    Driving on the freeway today and had a really fast ramp up Ka hit at 34.6xx. Looked around, didn't see anything, R7 arrows pointing forward. Max signal in about 1-2 seconds. Saw a google earth car with the big round camera array on the roof, as soon as it passed me, arrows shifted to rear and...
  4. fireparamed

    Speed icon disappears on R7

    R7 the display is set to speed. The word speed disappears and reappears from time to time even though the speed number continues to be displayed. Any ideas why? GPS signal strength indicator?
  5. fireparamed

    Utah - Don’t forget about K band

    Just wanted to post this to remind people that K band is still out there in Utah, so be alert. OREM City Police, brand new car. Stalker K band dual. I’ve also run across K band with Duchesne Sheriff’s SUV’s.
  6. fireparamed

    Attention to detail (or not)

    I've mentioned on here before that I spend a lot of time responding on medical calls etc. with my local police department and the Utah Highway Patrol. I typically take a peak at whatever speed enforcement devices they use. Today at a car accident we had multiple Troopers on scene so being...
  7. fireparamed

    Corpus Christi stealth car

    Corpus Christi stealth car video. Starts out with two cars weaving in and out of traffic going in the 90's....they kinda mellow out but it's too late.
  8. fireparamed

    Sigh, more Utah K-band

    Had a chance to drive Hwy 40 to Roosevelt yesterday. There were cops coming down to Salt Lake like crazy.....but the sad thing was on both sides of the drive I came across a Deputy Sheriff from either Duchesne County or Uintah County......I couldn’t read the sticker on the car....that was in a...
  9. fireparamed

    KBand shocker

    27408B55-EC2B-47ED-B7A6-A4152A0B275E by fireparamed posted Jul 29, 2018 at 8:56 PM Since I've owned my R3 I've only had 1 legitimate KBand alert and it was in a very small 1 police officer city. This morning coming home from a flight shift I got an unusual to me KBAND ramp up......there was...
  10. fireparamed

    Escort company question

    So a few months back when I was investigating which detector to buy I stopped by a couple of custom car electronics/audio shops and they would only recommend and offer Escort product......all in the 699+ price range from windshield units to mounted systems. I get it, Escort has had strong...
  11. fireparamed

    Really liking the all threat function for the save!

    So I was on my commute today on the freeway and started to get hit with a whiff of Ka 34.6xx which in my only 2 weeks of R3 use has typically come to mean rear shooting Highway Patrol. It gradually ramped up for about 2 more miles until my poor R3 almost started having a redlined...
  12. fireparamed

    First longer distance R3 trip in Utah

    Got to take the R3 out for a 900 mile round trip from Salt Lake City to Mesquite Nevada and back this week. All of my actual encounters (and there were many) were with the Utah Highway Patrol on Ka on either 34.7 or 34.6. Most of our Troopers have front and rear antennae and it seemed like...
  13. fireparamed

    Hello from Utah

    Hi all. New to the forum obviously. From Utah. Bought a new to me Corvette a few months back and decided it was time to invest in a radar detector again. I had one many many years ago but haven’t had a vehicle that made my likelyhood of speeding more than the normal 5-7 over an issue until the...