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    What is this device?

    Couldn't really find spot for this post except this place so here goes. In the midst of trying to determine my next car(s) purchase and, in spite of its reputation as cop magnet, I’m looking at a Corvette. The C8 looks great BUT because I live where snow happens I’m also thinking about a used...
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    What buying advice would you give me?

    Ok I got a new car and want a new windshield detector and I’d love to pick some brains at this forum. Right now I possess four detectors. A Passport Max (total junk now) a Radenso XP (liked this one a lot until blindspot systems interfered-- Mazdas and Hondas are really bad even after firmware...
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    My first post

    RGU While not a committed speeder I've owned Radar detectors since 1974. They were not good then. But they are way better now that I've had about 20