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  1. BamaFan

    Increased Police Presence - South Alabama

    Just wanted to give you guys a heads up that the City of Mobile will be doing a traffic enforcement crack down of sorts (speeding, riding in the passing lane but not passing, not moving over for emergency vehicles, etc..) on I-65 and I-10 tomorrow November 22.
  2. BamaFan

    Radar Max360c sniffs out AST I/O

    This encounter was a surprise for many reasons. The first reason is that I cannot tell you the last time I saw any LEO's on this stretch of road. It's a typical trap though, going from 55 to 35 in about a half mile or so. You also don't usually see AST set up in incorporated cities running...
  3. BamaFan

    Radar Uniden R3 33.8 I/O Save

    I took a trip today up to Tupelo, MS from here in South Alabama. On the way up I was taking it pretty easy so I ran my 360c for the quiet ride and basically situational awareness. The whole trip is on Highway 45 which is rural for the most part. On the way back I knew I would be getting it...
  4. BamaFan

    Radar Max360c vs 33.8

    I have been running my Max360c for a few weeks and finally got a couple of decent hits tonight. Obviously these are not going to wow anyone but hopefully it will encourage those looking at the 360c for the features that it has enough range in most cases. I still use the R3 in rural areas but had...
  5. BamaFan

    Max360c Review

    First off, I am in no way a tester or would even consider myself an expert in the counter measure world. I do enjoy reading owner reviews as much as tests. It is interesting to see what people's use cases are, what they value, etc. Having said that, after reading @Vortex posts on the Max 360c...
  6. BamaFan

    Radar LEO running I/O nabs a customer

    This was a rather rare encounter for me. I have seen LEO's in this city run I/O maybe twice. They are pretty much always running C/O. I was really confused when I got that first full blast on my R3. It took me a little bit to figure out what was going on. You can skip to the end of the video if...
  7. BamaFan

    Radar R3 with nice off-axis detection

    Heading home last night and had what I would think is a pretty good off-axis detection. Definitely had plenty of time to get slowed down. This is on firmware 1.37.
  8. BamaFan

    Radar Early morning wakeup call..

    On my way to work this morning and I ran into a little I/O in a spot that I hardly ever see a LEO. Definitely woke me up. R3 did a good job considering the circumstances, IMO.
  9. BamaFan

    Radar Uniden R3 comes up clutch on vacation

    The last week or so I have been in the mountains of North Carolina. I was surprised by how much the NC State Troopers hide out in the Asheville, Boone, Black Mountain area. I don't believe I went a single day without seeing a LEO running radar. I had several really good saves by the R3 but...
  10. BamaFan

    Radar Uniden R3 on K band duty

    Being that the majority of LEO's around here are running Ka, it is rare to see a K band unit. On my ride home today I had a really nice detection by the R3 on K band. According to Google Maps this was right around a mile of detection in a fairly hilly area as you can see. The R3 is a beast, no...
  11. BamaFan

    Radar Uniden R3 with a nice detection

    Instances such as this are why I love the R3. I travel this road 7-8 times a week and it is tough highway. There is usually a good chance of seeing some kind of LEO. Alabama State Troopers are always up and down this road running I/O. This happened to be a local LEO and they usually run C/O as...
  12. BamaFan

    New (refurbished) R3.. same problems

    So my original R3 quit alerting. You can see that thread here.. Uniden processed my claim and sent me another unit. I got it yesterday but didn't get to test it out. I went out today to do some driving to see what I would run across...
  13. BamaFan

    Radar Radenso XP vs rolling Ka 34.7

    I've been running my XP while my R3 is getting repaired. You can definitely tell the difference in range.
  14. BamaFan

    R3 Alerting Issue

    I went for a ride tonight to test out my new dash cam and I noticed my R3 was rather quiet. Not seeing any memory mute notifications or anything. I figured it might because I was running in Advanced so I didn't think anything of it. It wasn't until I passed a LEO that I know runs KA C/O that I...
  15. BamaFan

    Heading to Kentucky from South Alabama

    Any insight as to what I can expect traveling through Tennessee and Kentucky? I pretty much know what to expect from Alabama State Troopers but not as familiar with the other places.
  16. BamaFan

    Uniden R3 vs C/O 34.7

    I was out last night and had my first long range detection with my R3. It looks like it was a little over a mile, give or take some. Most of my detections have been in the "plenty enough time to slow down" category which is great, but it was cool to see mine perform like some of the other guys...
  17. BamaFan

    Radar Uniden R3 KA 34.7 C/O Off-Axis

    I was out doing some testing last night between Highway and City2 mode on my Uniden R3 when I passed these two LEO's parked running C/O 34.7. I swung back around and headed at them from the opposite direction. It isn't spectacular by any means, but decent enough to avoid a ticket, which is all...