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  1. BamaFan

    Escort live speed limit showing , "--" .. Again

    Mine has been crashing on launch
  2. BamaFan

    Theia Price Speculation:

    I am budgeting for it to be in the $1000 to $1300 range so hopefully it fits in that window. It would be really nice if it came in under that but I don't think it will.
  3. BamaFan

    Real world Max 360c opinions needed!

    I've been running the Max360C for the last 4- 5 months as my daily driver and while I don't have the confidence I do when I am running my R3, it has performed well. I have really grown to appreciate the quietness of it.
  4. BamaFan

    iOS App for Theia would you create one?

    If Theia can indeed determine the difference between garage door openers, speed signs, door openers etc.., then if one wanted to nerd out you could have an option to show all these alerts in the app.
  5. BamaFan

    New Member From Florida With Escort Max 360C

    I have a Max360C as well and when a BSM gets through it handles it extremely poorly in terms of volume and signal strength. The Uniden detectors do a much better job.
  6. BamaFan

    Increased Police Presence - South Alabama

    Just wanted to give you guys a heads up that the City of Mobile will be doing a traffic enforcement crack down of sorts (speeding, riding in the passing lane but not passing, not moving over for emergency vehicles, etc..) on I-65 and I-10 tomorrow November 22.
  7. BamaFan

    FW 1.10 has been released for the Max360c

    My laser false's seem to have disappeared with 1.10.
  8. BamaFan

    Hows the R3 long term(1.5 yrs or older)

    I have had mine since September of 2017 and it has been flawless. No screen burn in and is still giving me great detections. The first one I purchased in July of 2017 went bad on me and Uniden replaced it. The replacement unit they sent was bad too but I got in touch with Tom at BRD and he got...
  9. BamaFan

    Operation Southern Shield 2019

    Here is a little encounter I had with AST the other night. Sneaky joker. p/w: Bamafan
  10. BamaFan

    What brand of detector do you use as your daily radar detector?

    Max 360c has been my daily driver for a few months now.
  11. BamaFan

    IOS 13 Beta Good news!

    Tempted to install the beta profile just for the Carplay updates.
  12. BamaFan

    New VIOFO Dash Cams: A129 Pro 4K / A119 V3

    Is the GPS module the same?
  13. BamaFan

    Max360C updated to 1.9

    Never had any laser falses on 1.8, got one two days ago after updating to 1.9. Interesting.
  14. BamaFan

    Max360C updated to 1.9

    Updated mine over Wifi. It basically did a factory reset. It did retain the stored auto lockouts so not a full erase.
  15. BamaFan

    Custom Installed RD Testing: Escort Max Ci 360, K40 RL360di, Radenso RC M, Net Radar DSP, Stinger VIP, & Whistler Pro-3700

    Great work guys! Appreciate it as always. Honest question. What is the draw for the Stinger system being that it's performance doesn't seem to justify the price difference?
  16. BamaFan

    Radar Max360c sniffs out AST I/O

    Looks to be about a mile..
  17. BamaFan

    Radar Max360c sniffs out AST I/O

    This encounter was a surprise for many reasons. The first reason is that I cannot tell you the last time I saw any LEO's on this stretch of road. It's a typical trap though, going from 55 to 35 in about a half mile or so. You also don't usually see AST set up in incorporated cities running...
  18. BamaFan

    Max360 Yay or Nay?

    I have been running the Max360c for a few months now and its not a bad all around detector. If you live in an area with a lot of I/O then you may want to consider something else as the range is not the best. I love the auto lockouts, the fact thats its quieter than most detectors , and the...
  19. BamaFan

    Have you ever bought a vehicle that you regretted?

    I regretted buying my 2015 VW Passat TDI until the emissions scandal was over. Got paid more than what I bought it for two years later.
  20. BamaFan

    Hello from the deep South United States

    Welcome to RDF. Roll Tide!