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  1. Rossm812

    Uniden R7 Long Distance I/O Alerts, Other Driver Warning

    I apologize in advance for the lack of audio. For whatever reason the cam had not recorded it. Uniden R7 begins randomly alerting ahead after passing the vehicle which attempts to warn of ISP Trooper ahead by flashing hazards. You can see what appears to be lights ahead further up, but they...
  2. Rossm812

    Police Impersonator Made Traffic Stop In Bentley With Lights, Sirens, Radar

    Interesting read. Not sure I'm a fan of the language used to describe the fact he had a mounted radar unit but it does take a special kind of stupid to actually use lights and pull someone over. Stupidity cost him freedom and his Bentley...
  3. Rossm812

    Auction Ultralyte on eBay, claims calibrated - Auction from 100 USD
  4. Rossm812

    Holy Buckets this poor poor Ultralyte.... This poor gun looks like it got ran over a time or five...
  5. Rossm812

    R7 Random Reboot, GPS Error

    Thought I would dialog my woes here. Note: I am planning on sending new firmware and factory resetting the unit tonight to see if it helps. Randomly the R7 will reboot and come back up on it's own, then seconds later spit out a GPS error while still being able to (from what I can tell) detect...
  6. Rossm812

    TSS back from repair, new case and lanyard

    Had to ship my TSS off for repair as I purchased it on eBay and it came broken. The seller paid for repairs quickly and got me going. That said it had an error not listed in the manual Err69. In talking with a couple forum members via PM (Thank you @Hahns52 especially) I prayed it wouldn't be...
  7. Rossm812

    MPH Python 2 w/ F&R K Antenna - eBay
  8. Rossm812

    Iowa State Patrol lost one today...

    Bike outran ISP @ 115mph today, they apparently had one of our (taxpayers) planes in the air looking for him too. Doesn't sound like they have a plate either.
  9. Rossm812

    Central Iowa Testing, Results

    This past Saturday, the wife and I along with a couple members here @STiFTW and @KeithB met up to get some preliminary testing.... KeithB and I both have had previous tests done on the our vehicles but set up to get some preliminary results on the guns I now have prior to moving things around...
  10. Rossm812

    RD/Lidar Device Power

    A battery set and charger were out of the question at the moment for the PL3 and with a testing day coming up I wanted to be able to power the gun without having to be in the car or buy a crazy expensive inverter, run extensions etc. I'm a technician by trade so have tons of tool batteries...
  11. Rossm812

    Found another local city using laser in the past - Gun ID?

    Thinking PL4 or stalker by the shape/color. Image from Facebook page of Davenport, Iowa PD. Circa 2015. Anyone want to offer their insight?
  12. Rossm812

    ALP Connect Volume for Alerts

    I just installed ALP Connect and a Bluetooth module today. I reinstalled the app after many settings wouldn't work right etc. and now think I have that fixed however one issue remains... When connected with Bluetooth, alerts are an 'ok' volume, the detailed alert identifying the gun is very...
  13. Rossm812

    Prolaser 3 case on ebay

    In fair condition missing some foam... Not terrible though
  14. Rossm812

    More people in Iowa could afford a Radar Detector....

    The Iowa State Patrol has a way with Facebook... They like to publicly shame high score speeders on Facebook for being dumb in the name of safety. I know many of us probably should have a pilot's license for wheeled motor vehicles, but it's halfway scary that people are this nuts, yet a high...
  15. Rossm812

    Contribution of current additional info.

    Is there a proper method for someone to currently contribute new information....? I understand v2 is in the works but figure there will always be information to add update.
  16. Rossm812

    Capture Video of Testing

    How are all of you capturing video through the HUD of lidar guns? Any other relevant video that should be captured?
  17. Rossm812

    Canada Tactic - Shared from FCP Euro /Facebook Interesting method, I guess if it works for some go for it... But after a while people...
  18. Rossm812

    Central Iowa/Midwest Testing

    Has anyone around central Iowa gotten together? Seems there are lot of folks closer to either coastline and south central but not much going up this way... I would maybe like to get a group together that maybe has some other equipment together and maybe spend a weekend and have a meet and...
  19. Rossm812

    Uniden R7 Teardown

    Sorry not too in depth, I am no engineer or small circuit master but figured I would share what I had since one of my units needed torn down anyway. Had a screw loose causing a terrible rattle that I figured it was just a matter of time before something shorted internally. Sure I could send it...
  20. Rossm812

    Illinois State Patrol PL3 and Ka - Waze, U-R3 + ALP

    Quasi-save. We were headed back from St. Petersburg, Florida and just crossed from Kentucky into Illinois on I24 Northbound. I had the wife driving as I had driven a big leg of the trip from Murfreesboro that morning. She spotted what appeared to be an unmarked in the median which we were on...