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    Leo on 24.193

    So, I’ve gotten to the point where I ignore anything over 24.190. I’ve never encountered a Leo running that high on the band, UNTIL TODAY....... Coming through the small town I work in and got a steady alert at 24.193. I ignored it like I usually do but rather than getting a couple of bars and...
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    My R7 died yesterday, well..... halfway.

    Noticed my detector wasn’t alerting in the usual false spots, starting watching the display and saw that rear antenna was. Opened it up and found that the little chip behind the wave guide was missing (LNA chip maybe). Pulled out the R3 and put it back service. I really miss the range, my R7...
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    Your opinion on what makes some R7, R3 “hotter” than others

    Is it better components, solder joints, hand assembly by assemblers at the factory? Posted from my iPhone using the RDF Mobile App!
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    R7 horn defect question

    Can any of guys that are versed RF engineering tell me whether or not this gouch in the horn have an effect on range Posted from my iPhone using the RDF Mobile App!
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    Running R7 and R3 together.

    I think my R3 has a little more range and would like to test them together. Has anyway tried, if so did you notice any interference? Posted from my iPhone using the RDF Mobile App!
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    R7 IO shot = anal retention

    This vid just goes to show that they are radar detectors, not police detectors. Just dropped from 65 psl to a 55 psl and had not adjusted my speeding accordingly. Luck was on my side today because as you can tell I had no one in front me and leo hit me with a full on IO shot. Got a nice .5 mile...
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    Driving and texting

    Headed out to lunch yesterday and caught this, thought it was a back fire at first!
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    Ka pop question.

    So a few days ago I was talking about my new R7 with my brother who is a Sherrif’s deputy in a neighboring county. He uses a Bee III by MPH Industries. He was showing how he runs radar ( the I/O king of the county). He was also showing me his Ka pop function . Of course I informed him that the...
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    R7 9A0032xx dead on K and Ka

    Received my new R7 9A0032xx from buydig Thurs, and it is completely dead on K and KA. I had purchased one from BB earlier in the week with intentions of returning it but thought I was test both. I did a factory reset on it before I ever put my settings in and I have nothing. Did a factory reset...
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    My impression of the R3

    So, in the post I made a few weeks back, I was not real impressed with the R3. After running it a while I have realized that the R3 is a straight up on axis detector. Which is why I assume it does so well on range. I’ve gotten a few 1 - 1.5 mile Ka hits. Where I went wrong with my assumptions is...
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    R3 laser cpu usage

    Does anyone know how much load the laser function of the R3 uses? I’m considering leaving off for two reasons. 1. I live in a rural area and have yet (5 years) to get a confirmed laser hit. 2. If I was to get a laser hit, it pretty much just let’s me that I have gotten ticket. Your thoughts...
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    Found this on the net today....

    Not that I plan on trying it, but would these plans for a hammer actually work?
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    Max 360 screen went out

    The screen on my max 360 went out about 3 months ago. I’ve repeatedly try to contact Escort to have it repaired. I’ve been on hold a total of 2 hrs total on 3 different calls. I’m done with Escort! Does anyone know where I can buy a replacement screen? I’ve scoured the internet and the closest...
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    Uniden R3 range issues

    A little history. I used a V1 for years, 2 years ago I wanted to try something a little different. I went with the Max 360, I’ve enjoyed using it but the screen went out on it 3 months ago. I tried contacted Escort several times, but after waiting on hold for close to 2 hours total on 3...
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    Electroplating horn with copper idea

    I've always enjoyed tearing apart any electronic device I get and trying to reverse engineer it in hopes of making it better. From my reading, copper conductivity is twice that of aluminum. I wonder if one could improve range by electroplating the aluminum horn with copper. I worked at a radio...
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    Max 360 remote display idea

    I really like the remote display on the V1, and was mulling over the idea of possibly incorporating that into the 360 and wanted to run it by some of you. Looking at the tear down: I don't think it would be that bad other than finding the correct headers...
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    2016 Jeep Wrangler install

    I recently picked up a Max 360, was a V1 man for a long time but really like all the extra features. Anyway, I was wanting to mount my rd high but was limited by the factory mount. Made a few brackets but wasn't real keen on drilling holes in my new car. Finally I came to the realization that...