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  1. Rossm812

    Printed Adjustable Rx Holders [Prototype]

    Will do. Sent from my SM-N960U using Tapatalk
  2. Rossm812

    Printed Adjustable Rx Holders [Prototype]

    Fantastic that works out well! I'll be running tests prints this weekend after I get files downloaded. Thanks again for your hard design work! I love how the way the holder is designed forces it to be printed in a manner that keeps the ball and its stem add an appropriate cross-section for...
  3. Rossm812

    Printed Adjustable Rx Holders [Prototype]

    Awesome work, I plan on downloading this weekend for some test printing. I shot you over a message yesterday @OBeerWANKenobi And if anyone is interested in prints, I plan on chatting with the man of the hour here to help get these in members hands if they want them. Are there many of you who'd...
  4. Rossm812

    INFO Laser Testing Resources

    Update- Truspeed sold, Purchased Truspeed LR username: @Rossm812 location: Des Moines, Iowa police lidar gun(s): LTI Ultralyte 100LR (UX) (125 pps), DETC, Kustom ProLaser 3, LTI TruSpeed LR, LTI TruSpeed S
  5. Rossm812

    Cancelled: Atlanta breakfast meetup on 3/18

    As someone who travels a lot for work myself, I have been using hand sanitizer a lot after gas pumping and also making a point to hit whatever card I'm sticking into the slot unless I can get away with contactless methods. Be safe out there folks. Sent from my SM-N960U using Tapatalk
  6. Rossm812

    Midwest Testing?

    I agree with Randy, I do know the guys at Radenso have offered an assist as well as Ohio being convenient, but once travel eases up I am available in Iowa as well with several lidar flavors. I have a truspeed LR on the way as I type. I also have an ECCM DETC, PL3, ultralyte etc. Maybe after...
  7. Rossm812

    Any leads on an LTI Truspeed?

    You mean like my ECCM version? Yes, superior for testing, but even for me it was a lucky strike someone with a vetted source had one that wasn't completely nerfed and has functional ECCM although a revision or 3 behind. Any gun is better than none, some are better than others. Not everyone...
  8. Rossm812

    Any leads on an LTI Truspeed?

    Only with a good install. A decent gun can and will identify holes in an installation. Why do you think there's a market still for Ultralytes and PL2s? Sent from my SM-N960U using Tapatalk
  9. Rossm812

    Trouble understanding “no app”, maybe the market has split?

    I think you have nailed it... I do like that a device has an option for, but for said device to perform a certain way it should be able to stand on it's own legs in my opinion. Cool for more features, cool if I want to, but not a have to is imperative.
  10. Rossm812

    Any leads on an LTI Truspeed?

    Without going into too much details, I do believe that some different guns have been tested, even from LTI and some have very radically different pulse patters for the VPR versions making some tougher than others to jam. Likely they aren't sending the same firmware out to known private...
  11. Rossm812

    Any leads on an LTI Truspeed?

    I have a full size available as well as an Ultralyte LR100 UL serial manufactured in 2015
  12. Rossm812

    where can i get killer deal on ALPs?

    Not likely as they don't often if ever go on sale and there's no longer a forum discount. They don't even send out units for influencers like Vortex to review. Any system you see has been sold and very close to if not at retail. Your only hope is to score a used or second-hand one. Tom is a...
  13. Rossm812

    This good for testing?

    Once you have access to the classifieds there are better guns to be had tested by forum members. I have one listed that's more than that one but there are a lot of good ones that get posted occasionally.
  14. Rossm812

    Printed Adjustable Rx Holders [Prototype]

    At some point would a print file be available or would you have interest in selling the design files for personal use? I have a prusa on the way Monday and some spools of ASA just for stuff like this.
  15. Rossm812

    Uniden R7 HUGE Delay?

    He may have been running rear antenna only, but I'd think you would get some reflection off the cars behind that would have given some sort of alert from ahead, although he's technically way off axis. Sent from my SM-N960U using Tapatalk
  16. Rossm812

    Understanding laser alerts with Uniden R7

    My experience with this has been that there is an IR source for either proximity or for the camera that does facial unlocking (stopping short of using the "Recognition" word) and if it is bright enough, it can catch the detector just so and you have a Laser Alert. This is an extreme...
  17. Rossm812

    Solved: Potential alert issue with the ALP + RC M under the 25mph limit?

    Neither here nor there the lack of alert is troublesome and concerning. Assuming the latest firmware and factory reset after loading the firmware, and the configuration is all correct that could be a big problem Sent from my SM-N960U using Tapatalk
  18. Rossm812

    Solved: Potential alert issue with the ALP + RC M under the 25mph limit?

    Wait, I thought the threshold was 20mph.... Sent from my SM-N960U using Tapatalk
  19. Rossm812

    RDAHDWKT - custom case

    What I'd do is find a panel in whatever car is cheap and buy a spare to modify and just put the switch and LEDs directly on that panel or switch module. Sent from my SM-N960U using Tapatalk
  20. Rossm812

    RDAHDWKT - custom case

    You could also unsolder the connector and solder wires directly to the board to make the whole thing just a hair slimmer. Another option is to remove the LEDs and switch and remote those in a small case and bury the rest in the dash.