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    Lidar First laser hit with TMG G2 duals!

    Good one brother. I am happy to see the tmgs worked as they were intended to and our recent meetup was not in vain. Remember to keep safe on the roads my brother and tell your lovely wife i say hi cheers.
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    What's the difference between G1 and G2 heads?

    Yup and the pleasure was all mine. I am very happy that I came because if I didnt, then I would be driving holding on to the false sense of security that I am protected when actually in fact I was not. Yesterday going home from Macon Georgia in the morning from work, when I reached Locust Grove...
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    Causal GATG Meet October 17, 2019

    oh man I missed this one... will there be another meet up in Georgia soon?
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    Ticket for 91/55 and reckless operation

    I agree the best thing in this case is to Lawyer up and get the speed ticket reduced.. that is what I just did recently as I got a speeding ticket in north Carolina 56/35 and it got it reduced to a improper moving violation.
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    Laser Jammer install

    Thanks 1567039550 Thanks man I currently live Snellville where I see mostly Ka 35.5 and some 34.7. As for lidar not so much... even though I heard from my coworkers that alot speed enforcement is done by where I live. I have only seen gwinnett counties finest using lidar once and lucky for me I...
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    Laser Jammer install

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    Laser Jammer install

    Thank you sir I am going to take a look at it 1566993680 And that set up is JTG right
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    Install questions - ALP

    Thanks @bravo.... what do you think about the install your comments will be greatly appreciated thanks 1566944961 Also is the system suppose to be in detection mode after I download the files on it
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    Install questions - ALP

    Hello forum members, currently I am doing the alp Install on my car . .. will post pics in a few. Quick question currently i only install 2rx heads and 1tx head at the front of the vehicle will the system still work to jam unwanted interference, or do I have connect the rest of wires to rx1...
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    Laser Jammer install

    [email protected] much appreciate the advice... and you are right this morning I placed one of the rx head through the grill to see if it would fit and the head fits great with lots of room for play. I also found the firewall through which to run the cables through so yeah that's a plus. Also just...
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    Laser Jammer install

    Thank you sir 1566871321 Thanks... definitely gonna check them out 1566871922 Oh here is a pic of my car front to back
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    Laser Jammer install

    No I have not... but I will definitely check it out and see for sure thanks.
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    Laser Jammer install

    Thank you for the advice.... maybe when it gets cooler in the fall, we all could do a meet up and do a lidar testing of our systems
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    Laser Jammer install

    Hello forum members I have been a member here for sometime now and I really learn alot from the knowledge that is is shared on this forum. However, recently I purchase 2 tx sensors and gps navigation for my alp system prior I had the 5 head rx. I live in gwinnett county and recently I had a...
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    R3 24.132

    Nice try but nothing can hide from an R it will sniff them out like a blood hound tracking its prey
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    Lidar Cobb County and the love for TrueSpeed S

    Man Georgia Leo's dont play they can be very brutal at times. Anyhow I'm glad that you made it out of there unscathed.
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    Benzr got "popped" 58 in a 70

    Well tbh I rather not get popped, but if I do get popped i would have going under the psl ;)
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    Radar R3NZ C/O (~5 miler) + Bonus I/O

    Never mess with an R. The R will sniff them out faster than they can spot you ;)
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    I/O by GSP moving other direction - nailed!

    Well at night time I would try to make myself stand out and just try to blend in with the other cars on the road. At night patrol officers have the advantage of darkness on their side as oppose to us drivers. Anyways I'm happy you got off. Unscathed.