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    Tired of paying tolls

    What are my options. I am tired of paying $40 or so to make a round trip between Newark airport and where I live. ( not jfk this time because gf doesn’t care for tolls) nevertheless....It’s absurd! There are ways of avoiding the vz bridge toll like driving through manhattan after leaving...
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    Ticketed for using my high beams in a potentially dangerous situation

    On my way home in Pennsylvania i was ticketed for high beaming a cop. He was traveling uphill and i was traveling downhill. The road curved to the left and down in front of me. As youd imagine, his lights were blinding me. I then, instinctively, turned my high beams on to see the road in front...
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    New to the forum. Please identify this laser jammer.

    Good evening Gentlemen, i am a long time lurker and first time poster. I consider myself an average user— my equipment includes 1 valentine one, and 1 R7 (recently purchased and not as happy as i was with the v1), and an uninstalled alp 4 jammer system that i cannot find the time for. Thank you...