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    Will tinting my rear windows (rear side and rear windshield) with metallized tint affect performance?

    So I'm looking into tinting my windows and I'm going to be using clear ceramic for the front, but for the rear, I was looking into a metallized tint. The reason being that the place that has the clear ceramic coating for a good price only has metallized tint for darkened tint. I could go...
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    Is this mounting location ok?

    Hi all, I have a Uniden R1 and I have it mounted above and to the right of my RVM. Right below it, I have a Mobileye device and I want to make sure that it's not a problem. To the best of my knowledge, the device is just a camera and a compute unit, as far as I know, there are no laser or radio...
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    Ka POP, yay or nay in my specific circumstances

    Here in Israel, the only radar gun in use is the MPH Bee III, so the go to recommendation on the Israeli forums is to setup the detector with X and K turned off and Ka is only using segments 1, 2 and 3 (1 and 3 are just on the off chance that a gun's frequency is a little off). As far as Ka...
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    Glad to have joined

    Hi all, I live in Israel and I recently purchased my first RD, a Uniden R1. Thanks to everyone for all the great info on this forum. 1560335607 I actually have some questions, so I'll put them here for now and maybe someone can answer them. If not, I'll post them later in the relevant sections...