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  1. Riley1524

    Just received 950...Update firmware?

    So, my 950 came with 1.37...Should I update the firmware? I've read all the threads about the different versions, but will the newest firmware make the detector less sensitive on k band?
  2. Riley1524

    Newer Redline's= Better Filtering?????

    Just bought a brand new Redline about a week ago and I've noticed that it kicks butt on filtering lane monitoring systems opposed to the 2 older redlines I have in our other cars. I wonder what may have changed??? I also noticed that when in auto, the android version of live works way better on...
  3. Riley1524

    Max 2 Auto

    Got a quick question....Does the Max(s) auto feature perform like the 9500ix? Is it based off of a certain speed through gps or does it filter regardless of how fast you're going like the non-gps detectors?
  4. Riley1524

    Kinda worried about my new v1

    I decided to buy a new v1 about 2 months ago due to my other one being older. Well, today I was headed home on the interstate (not speeding) where I see a GSP sitting in the middle median. He was running the radar that is mounted on both sides of the top of the trunk...My V1 never made a...
  5. Riley1524

    Sensitivity setting.

    Is there any benefit in setting the sensitivity to 0? I'm not in front of the laptop , so is this the most sensitivity setting or is default OK?
  6. Riley1524

    Question about auto mute wire in BMW

    Just installed the LI system in my car and was wondering if anyone knew the wire to tap into the stock head unit for auto mute. I searched Google, but didn't really find anything useful.
  7. Riley1524

    Is the cheetah c50 worth it?

    I've been debating this device for awhile now and I'm still not sure if its worth $100. What do you guys think?
  8. Riley1524

    BMW 128i Li install+Extras

    Finally got around to finishing up my install' What do you guys think? As you can see, I decided to remove one slat in the grill to ensure leveling on all axis. Though I need to have them tested, I'm pretty confident in its current state. I was going to put the LI CPU behind a panel, but...
  9. Riley1524

    Escort Live+Redline Vid Decided to take a ride earlier and this is what happened;) Sorry for the loud music at first and poor vid quality. I had to use my phone as my go pro was in my 135i at the time. This has been the first time I have been "saved" by a live alert. I...
  10. Riley1524

    Quick Question About Sensor Placement

    Udpated!!! I went ahead and took gpb's advice and cut a slat out on my grill. Hopefully this will be effective as my previous position. Thanks for everyone's insight! [ATTACH=CONFIG]
  11. Riley1524

    Finally getting my dual LI's!!! ;)

    I've been wanting Li's for the longest time, but kept putting it off, not for money reasons, but I rarely get shot with laser around here (maybe 3 times in the last 2 years). I finally broke down yesterday and ordered them and can't wait. I do have concerns about updating and such as I've...
  12. Riley1524

    LIVE update for Android availble. Any thing fixed?

    LIVE update for Android available. Anything fixed this time????? 2.0.9 is available in the play store. I'm wondering if anything was fixed this go around as I haven't noticed anything different yet.
  13. Riley1524

    Atlanta area BMW coding????

    I'm wanting to do some simple coding to my 135i. Anyone do this around the Atlanta area? Thanks!!!
  14. Riley1524

    Need to test LI's in the Atl area

    Anyone with some guns care to help me test my BMW edition LI's??? I don't have them yet, but will soon and would like to set something up if possible.
  15. Riley1524

    BMW rain sensor interference???

    Hey guys! I did a search, but maybe I overlooked what I was looking for. Whats the probability that the rain sensor located in the rear view mirror on my 135i would cause interference with my redline? The RD is mounted high above the rear view and though the detector seems to have awesome...
  16. Riley1524

    Hi from Atl, Ga:)

    I've been a troll for the most part for awhile and finally decided to register here. I really like this forum compared to some of the others I belong to and I'm hoping to learn more about what has turned into almost a hobby of sorts for myself. I have owned all the top manufactured RD's and I...