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    Speeder nabbed doing 120 on his way to court for another ticket This stuff is always too funny.
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    Recently relocated to Florida, what to expect?

    Hi all, I recently moved down to Space Coast Florida for college. (Brevard county) What can I expect here? I see in the RDFGS, the highways show everything except X band. Can someone with Florida experience tell me the degrees to which they see each type of radar/lidar? Thanks
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    Recommend me a new scanner

    I'm now in the market for a new police scanner. I'd say the most I want to spend is ~$80. I don't need any fancy features or anything, so if an inexpensive model works well, and has the ability to hold a fair amount of memory channels, and can scan, it's fine by me. I don't want a big clunky...
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    When was the last time someone has encountered K on CT highways?

    I'm wondering how much of a threat K band used by Connecticut State Police is on the interstates and other limited access highways. I've only seen CSP using lidar (never actually been shot at). Thx
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    Mute Car Stereo when V1 alerts?

    Hi all, I was wondering if there was a way either using hardware, or (preferably) software like YaV1 to mute my car stereo when I get a alert. I'd love to have my V1 mute my car stereo whenever I get a KA alert, which for me, has always been a legit threat. I know my ALPs have a wire coming out...
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    CT Lidar testing.

    Hey guys, Have some ALPs on my car now, and am desperate to get tested. Who in CT has a Lidar gun? I'm willing to drive just about anywhere in CT or even NY/MA/RI if it's within 1.5hrs. Thx Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Rearview mirror wire cover?

    What does everyone use to hide the wire coming from a detector mounted by the mirror, or the wire coming out of an auto-dimming mirror that goes up to the headliner? I'm doing a mirror CD install, and want the wire running to the headliner to look as clean as possible. Thx
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    Guide for doing a custom color CD?

    Does anyone know if there's a guide online for how to do your own custom color concealed display install?
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    Save Cheshire CT

    Was going down a straight road in Cheshire CT. Took note of the very slow 30mph PSL on a very straight and smoothly-paved road. Started getting a K-band alert from my V1 about a mile before the cop. Also was marked on Waze. Signal got stronger and stronger then stopped... Continuous, then...
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    What kind of tape for mounting ALPs?

    What kind of tape does everyone use to mount their ALP heads? I'm thinking about using the mounting brackets that came with the ALPs to mount to my grill, but I'm not really sure how ('15 Mazda 6). Right now I just have Scotch double sided holding them in place, and they're not very level at...
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    Where does everyone have their V1 CDs?

    To everyone with a V1 w/ a Concealed Display, post some pics of your CD installs. I want some cool ideas on where to put mine.
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    Tight Budget. Jammers or Stealth equipment?

    Short version: I'm on a budget, and can't decide on spending it between ALPs, or a V1 stealth install. I do most of my driving around town where I haven't seen any lidar 'nor speed enforcement in general in use. Details: So I'm on a very tight budget and want some input on what should be my...
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    V1 Full Stealth Install

    Hi all, I've decided that I want to do a complete stealth installation for my V1 to avoid any LEO questioning regarding the RD if ever pulled over, and to avoid theft. I'm extremely lazy, and find it a pain to take it down, hide the wire, put it up, have the suction cups fail 2 times, connect...
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    Where to install ALP Heads 3rd gen Mazda 6.

    Hi all, I will be purchasing ALP dual soon to install on the front of my 2015 Mazda 6. Where would the best location be to mount these, and how should I mount them? NOTE: I do not have fog lights shown in picture: Thanks
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    Obtaining Local PD Radar Gun usage through FOIA?

    Hey guys, I was thinking, wouldn't it be easy to just put in a FOIA request asking for what type of radar gun is used in my town? I've been wondering forever, but have never been shot at (yet.. as of ~3 months with RD). There's no harm in trying, right? Feel like it would be too good to be...
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    Anyone in the CT area who would do an HID headlight retrofit?

    Please only if you have experience doing retrofits in the past. Thx
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    To get jammers or not to?

    I can't make up my mind whether I should drop so much money on jammers or not. I'm looking at an ALP single head, then eventually when I can pull another $250 out of my pocket, I'll addon a head to make it a dual system. Reasons I'm inclined to get them: -I have a serious CM addiction -It's...
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    Escort Live unnecessary alerts

    Hi, I've been an active waze user for quite some time, but I thought I'd give Escort Live a try from hearing all of the EL regulars raving about it. I've been using it for about a week, and I will say, it's nice knowing that it takes all of the waze police reports and imports them into the EL...
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    Central / Northwest Connecticut Radar/Lidar use

    Hi, Just wanted to update any other CT RD users on what radar use I've seen in the past 2 months I've had my RD.. Quick update: Farmington - Occasional speedtraps, unknown radar band / lidar use Canton - KA (Unknown Freq) New Hartford - Haven't been shot by locals yet, but CSP cruises around...
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    In what way does Veil "ruin" headlights

    I've seen a multitude of forum posts regarding the effectiveness and side-effects of Veil when applied to headlights. I am about to order some G5, but am still hesitant about it "ruining" people's headlights. I've seen a lot of people replying to these forum posts saying stuff like "Don't get...