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    Expected release date for Theia?

    I have been reading up on this unit - sounds very impressive! Any solid feel for when it will go on sale?
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    Best detector at BSM filtering?

    Who currently makes the best detector for BSM filtering? Long range radar detection is also important, but I need one that stays quiet with minimal fuss on settings within the unit or third party application. Thanks!
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    Redline BSM update?

    Been out of the mix here a bit, so go easy on me. Have an older Redline that’s segmented on KA. Started using it again and I can’t take it. It falses so much on K-band, I turn it off. Is there an update I can pursue from Escort? I would just send it in. How much? Thanks!
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    K band frequencies?

    Can someone tell me what I need to do in V1 C to quiet down the k band madness from Mazda, Honda, GM, etc.? I know how to do it; just need the preferred frequency settings and the in/out of the box settings. Thanks so much!
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    K-Band Muting?

    What Frequencies are you all using to apply the box muting feature? I am getting hammered with BSM, as many are. Just trying to figure out what you all are using. I'm considering using 24.090-24.160. I'm in Ohio and run to WV, VA, NC, SC, KY, TN, GA, IN, PA and MI. Hey, while we're at it...
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    Installers in central Ohio?

    Can someone make a suggestion on a good laser jammer installer in Central, Ohio? Close to Wooster, preferably? Thanks!
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    Updating software with a MAC Airbook

    I'm trying to update my R3 and having issues. I DO have a data cable, as it's the one I've used in the past. When I open the software I've used in the past, it freezes. I tried downloading the new drivers, the program, etc., and I can't get it to open through the program/tool. I even tried...
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    K-band setting?

    Does the R3 have a function to alert you, visually, but not with audio, before the signal reaches a certain strength? My V1 is set to not alert me with audio until it’s hits something like 4 bars. I drove with the R3 through PA and it was driving me nuts alerting to every “your speed is” sign...
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    New R3 from BRD

    I received my second R3 from Tom yesterday. Must admit, shipping is lightening fast. Though, as noted during my first purchase, I still detest the lack of a notice about the signature confirmation requirement. I don't debate the need; just that there is no notice of it at the point of sale...
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    R3 Availability?

    Does anyone know when BRD will have the R3 available again? Their website says 2 weeks, but curious when that was last posted. Sent Tom a PM, but have not heard back; however, it appears the forums were down this morning so it's not on him. Looking to pick up at least one more. Thanks! Shumax
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    BSM falsing

    Drove around more today with my new R3 and noticed it really hates Buick SUV's. Strong K falsing from these vehicles. I have K filter on but the traffic guard off - thought that was for the speed sensors anyway. I suppose I could reduce K sensitivity, which is at 100%, currently. Am I...
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    New R3 - first thoughts...

    I've run RD's from the Whistler 400/2SE's, a Uniden RD3XL, to the original Escort 8500 and the Redline. Who can forget the current RD, the V1, that is custom swept and works well in my area after being swept and running V1 driver. With that said, Uniden has come a very long way since the RD3XL...
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    2008 Lexus LS 460

    Performing a direct wire install in a friends 2008 Lexus LS 460 in the next few weeks. Anyone have any experience with this vehicle? Which fuse do I use to power it on/off with the ignition? Or, wires do I tap into on the rear view mirror? Thanks! Shumax
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    Direct wire?

    I have a new 3 coming from Tom. Where can I source a direct wire kit? Thanks! Shumax
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    V1 powering off on its own?

    I have a V1 that I’ve used for a while now. It’srunning through the Bluetooth/Savvy connection. It’s plugged directlyinto my OBII port. It’s worked wonderfully for over a year. Justthis week, I’ve run into an issue…when the car starts, it powers the V1 as itnormally does. After about...
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    BSM Filtering available yet?

    Is Escort any closer on this? My Redline is about to be retired over it. Drives me nuts on the highway anymore. Sure hope they can do to the Redline what Valentine One did to my V1. Love my Redline...!
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    Odd behavior with V1 - thoughts?

    So, my V1 went in for the service to add the filter against K-Band alerts from BS monitoring about 9-months ago. I rotate between using it and my Redline. Lately, the k-Band falsing with the Redline has driven me bat $hit crazy, so it's been retired for now. Enter use of the V1 for the last...
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    Redline repair - what does it mean, exactly?

    I was suffering from x-band falsing. It was very predictable - it would false for a few seconds with no change in ramp up and then stop. It would be silent for 10 sec. and then repeat the falsing. This sequence would go on and on and on. I live in NE Ohio and it took Escort 1 week from the...
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    New LRD 950 in NE Ohio - suggestions please!

    Running firmware 1.37. K filter on, pop off. All other bands on. The unit is falsing to either traffic sensors (probable) and/or BSM devices. Annoying to the point it is useless on the highways (71, 76, 480, 271) in my area. I needed TSR on, pop off on my Redline to make it tolerable. I had...
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    Cord to update?

    I noticed the LRD95 doesn't come with a cord to update the unit? Looks like mini, or is it micro, USB inside the unit? Will any cable work, or do I need something special? Seemed strange to me it didn't come with one. Shumax